Why Remote Learning Isn’t Online Learning

By: Danielle Chazen

Simply put: remote learning isn’t online learning.

Karen Yoshino, PhD, Higher Education Consultant at Van Allen Strategies and Darcy Hardy, PhD, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Blackboard will delve into this topic for an engaging session, ‘Remote Learning Reimagined’ during Verbit’s annual virtual summit, EduALL: Making Higher Education Work For All Learners.

They’ll explore Blackboard’s key findings, such as the 9,000% increase in the use of virtual classrooms YoY and a 60% increase in mobile device use for learning YoY. They’ll explore what educators can make of these trends and an increasingly more digital and remote world to ensure students’ needs and expectations are met.

Yoshino and Hardy bring highly informed perspectives on higher education. Before meeting and working together at Blackboard, a major education solutions company, both had decades of direct experience in higher education including online programming, instructional design, and student outcomes assessment.

The lenses through which they see how the current pandemic impacted higher education and what they’ll talk about begins at industry-level and works its way to classroom-level perspectives.

“This session will be useful to academic leaders and faculty as well as program administrators, academic support staff and students of higher education,” Yoshino said. “This audience will gain insight into higher education’s reaction to the pandemic, elements of underpreparedness for quality online teaching revealed in the reaction, and key steps institutions can take to close underpreparedness gaps.”

With so many K-12 educators and higher-ed institutional leaders looking for insights and strategies to ensure remote learning evolves and matures to meet the needs of students in 2021, Yoshino and Hardy will offer key insights, as well as take live audience questions to drive engagement.

Additional sessions will feature leaders from Zoom, Kaltura, Panopto, University of Florida, University of Pittsburgh, University of Wisconsin – Madison and many more. The event is free to attend. It’s open to university and K-12 leaders who are interested in creating accessible and inclusive education environments to benefit all students.