Verbit Participates in Accessibility Plus Event on Digital Accessibility

By: Aylin Dunham

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This week, Verbit is taking part in Accessibility Plus, a virtual event which will deep-dive into the important topic of digital accessibility. The event, which will be held on January 25th on Zoom, will offer participants expert-led sessions on the rise of digital accessibility lawsuits, the implications of 2021 lawsuits on the future and tips to implement throughout their businesses to avoid legal issues.

Join Verbit there to learn about accessibility trends being witnessed that are now affecting businesses’ bottom lines, as well as the importance of meeting legal benchmarks like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Participants will walk away with actionable strategies to implement accessibility measures throughout their website and company policies.

Business professionals, technology leaders and accessibility advocates alike will gather for an afternoon led by focused on:

  • Legal Trends in Digital Web with Reeve Segal, Attorney at Denenburg Tuffley
  • Understanding ADA Website Accessibility Litigation: The Access Defense with Richard Hunt, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Hunt Huey PLLC
  • Leveraging Your Customer Base to Create Policy with Beth Meyer, Executive Director, Florida Independent Living Council (FILC)
  • Understanding Compliance Baselines and Implementing Accessibility Initiatives with Ken Nakata, Principal, Converge Accessibility
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Don’t miss the chance to network with leading experts in business accessibility, legal requirements and more to ensure your business or brand is effectively engaging diverse audiences in your conversations, workplaces and marketing, to include consumers, customers, employees and potential candidates with disabilities.

With an increased focus on online accessibility and a 64% rise in accessibility lawsuits being witnessed, ensuring accessibility with the right insights is critical. Verbit’s leaders are excited to bring the company’s captioning and transcription tools front and center as a key solution that businesses can implement now to meet industry accessibility needs, particularly with the shifts to greater online, remote work and experiences.

Check out the Accessibility Plus event page to learn more and register.