Timing is Everything.

Timing is Everything.

Transcription is the future of technological advancements. Increasing accessibility to all starts with textualizing the world’s audio. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for the hearing impaired or those who have attention deficit disorders. It’s for everyone; you, your co-worker, classmate, mom, dad, and even doctor. But we’re not hear to speak about why transcription is a must; we’re hear to speak about timing. Why? Because timing is everything.

Why should transcription companies deliver fast? Why does VerbIt transcribe faster than most of its competitors for a lower price without compromising on accuracy? Because we, here at VerbIt, believe in our corporate mission:


To make the world’s verbal content searchable.


To tackle that large aspiration and make the internet accessible to all, we need to start now and deliver fast.


VerbIt’s custom AI Automated Speech Recognition technology and team of human transcribers gives it the upper hand when it comes to speed and accuracy. After the video has been run through our technology, 2 human transcribers proof the transcript; this trains the artificial intelligence automatically to learn new words and learn from its mistakes. Our technology expedites the process which benefits the customer who will then receive the transcript much sooner; hence why our turnaround time could be as low as 4 hours.

Click here for an example of how fast and accurate our ASR technology is!


Why is transcription and its turnaround time crucial for the customer?

Well, it really depends on the industry. Let’s break it down for you:


The American Disability Act requires universities to provide captioning or request for captioning if content is publicly available. Because universities must provide support to students with disabilities, all their video content and online courses should be captioned. Guess what? That includes all videos recorded and published before the law was established. Captioning those videos as soon as they can will save the universities from unnecessary problems. In addition, if a professor records a lecture the week of and needs to upload it the school’s Learning Management System, the captioning needs to happen quickly which is where our fast turnaround time comes in.

Click here to check out how Udacity, the online school, considers VerbIt a huge win.

Fun fact: VerbIt does not charge extra for captioning. For us, you can’t have one without the other. Transcribing and captioning are a package if both is what the customer needs.


Whether you’re an attorney, part of a law firm, court system, or legal services company, you know the importance of receiving transcribed documents quickly and efficiently. If you need a deposition transcript immediately to file a critical motion before a tight deadline, that’s where VerbIt’s quick turnaround time comes in. Assigning it to paralegals is extremely expensive and not as quick. Moreover, customizable transcripts are part of our package deal, which is key in the court of law!

Many more industries require transcription and captioning, such as media and finance.  We can talk about our services for hours, but what’s important is that you understand the growing transcription trend and how it benefits you and your industry.



is critical in certain situations; turnaround time is many customers’ primary focus.


is vital to reach the 99% compliance minimum establish by the American Disabilities Act.


with the customers’ video platform is important to create a seamless workflow and speed up the process.


is usually the deal breaker. Luckily, we charge low and competitive prices.


With VerbIt, there is no need to compromise anymore between quality and price. Together, we will make the world’s content searchable, and faster than ever before.

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