16 Jun 2020 Danielle Chazen
3min read

Legal Summit: The Future of Digital Court Reporting

This July, Verbit will bring together hundreds of legal professionals for its inaugural legal summit, The Future of Digital Court Reporting. This summit will build on Verbit’s recent legal webinars which have been preparing legal agencies, attorneys, court reporters and others with insights on how to effectively use digital tools to complete more legal work.

The need for digital methods came about initially due to the growing shortage of stenographers available to service legal proceedings. This need has now been exacerbated in recent months due to the global health crisis which has resulted in more remote work due to social distancing requirements.

The Future of Digital Court Reporting will address innovation and the so-called new normal facing the legal industry in today’s climate. Verbit has recruited 10+ speakers with expertise in legal and the use of digital tools to explore the opportunities and challenges presented to legal professionals in the current and post-pandemic new world.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate and ask questions live to gain actionable knowledge from experts who are successfully activating digital depositions among other proceedings. Viewers will also receive a legal market analysis by a strategist at Strategy&.
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The event will showcase how legal court reporting businesses can significantly benefit by implementing digital tools and receive advice on how leading court reporting firms are establishing and implementing digital initiatives successfully. Verbit will also showcase how digital court reporters can rely on its interactive and collaborative transcription tool for admissible transcripts of their captured proceedings.

The event flow:

We’ll begin the event with a session featuring Jim Cudahy of the Speech to Text Institute, Billy DiMonte of Planet Depos, Benjamin Jaffe of BlueLedge and Betsy Ertel of AAERT who will address the ‘new normal’ and the shift to digital depositions due to COVID-19. Tony Sirna, Senior Customer Success Manager & Legal Strategist, Verbit will then discuss how court reporting firms are effectively implementing digital initiatives. Mark Ivey of E-Depositions and Michael McDonner of Kentuckiana Court Reporters will then explore what digital court reporting means for law firms and courts.

After these sessions, Tal Fisch, Director, Strategy& (a division of PwC) will provide an in-depth analysis and overview of the legal market, current processes and shortages. The event will then conclude with a session led by Sirna and Michal Gabay, also of Verbit who will showcase the new live and rough draft technology available to legal professionals.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • The expected impact of COVID-19 on legal businesses and processes
  • What technologies can help legal businesses serve more clients
  • Market analysis by Strategy& (of PwC) with identified gaps to consider
  • How to effectively implement digital court reporting tools
  • New live, rough draft technology to consider for transcripts

View the full agenda and RSVP here.