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By: Danielle Chazen

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Verbit announces launch of its new Translation service as an add-on to captioning 

89% of YouTube users come from outside of the US. Coupled with the fact that only 20% of the global population speaks English, it’s easy to see why content translation is important. 80% of the global population requires translated text subtitles (from English). For savvy business and media professionals who want to expand their offerings, adding translated subtitles to video content is a simple solution to increase global marketing reach.
closeup of translation tool

Why use translation?

Translated text subtitles help those who are watching video content in a language that they have not yet mastered in order to understand the content they are watching. By translating your transcripts into other languages, businesses and media companies can increase the accessibility of their content. Companies will be able to reach consumers worldwide with their offerings. Moreover, global teams will be able to operate more efficiently with a full understanding of one another.

AI, plus professional human translators

Though many companies provide translation services, including those that are automated, quality is very important. Automated translation can often lead to embarrassing errors in the translation so it’s very important that a professional human translator looks over it. If the translation is poor, your efforts won’t just be useless, but also counterproductive. This reasoning is why, despite being an AI company, Verbit’s leadership is adamant that its translation takes a human approach to translation.

Introducing Translation

Translation by Verbit is designed to ensure businesses and media companies are making video and materials accessible to international audiences. This solution supports all languages and only professional translators are used to produce quick and accurate translations. This is an additional service that now comes with Verbit’s AI transcription and captioning service.

“The shift to remote work has resulted in more global teams, and the demand for more content is greater than ever before,” said Tom Livne, CEO & Founder of Verbit. “To account for a more global workforce and international viewers, media and enterprise companies must enlist tools for effective communication. Translation will help with cross-team collaboration, global video marketing efforts, as well as help companies and media producers in offering their content to greater pools of audiences.”

How Verbit’s Translation Works

To use Translation by Verbit, simply produce your captions and transcripts through Verbit and then select the language you’d like your translation in. Your final proofed transcript with 99% accuracy will be ready within a speedy eight hours or less, at which point it can then be sent to one of Verbit’s professional translators to translate the content into your chosen language. 

Verbit is dedicated to its customers so you can be sure to receive tailored support and expert knowledge throughout the process.

The translation process:
infographic of the translation process

“The more languages that I can handover to [Verbit] the better,” said a technical support lead at one of Verbit’s enterprise clients. “It’s just so much less work. Even languages that we’re sending to other providers now are taking a lot of work, with SLAs and with quality, and I don’t have that now with Spanish and English. I am confident that [with Verbit] they’ll be fine. I don’t even need to look anymore really, which I do to keep track, but I’m not having to spend hours.”