How The Verbit Company’s New Look & Vision is Designed to Accelerate Progress

By: Verbit Editorial

This post was contributed by Jacques Botbol, VP Marketing, The Verbit Company.

Today, we’re unveiling our new branding and vision, which we released internally a few weeks ago through a global Zoom event (Tonight Show Style) – watch here. Our new branding emphasizes the value that the Verbit Company brings —  a suite of companies that provide specialized transcription and captioning solutions that meet unique industry needs.

Verbit for businesses, finance and court reporting solutions; VITAC for broadcasting and media production; and Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) for education and government initiatives.

The visuals are the output of a thorough process to unify four companies (Verbit, VITAC, AutomaticSync and SOVO) which will be joining us. While it was important to unify them visually, what became paramount was showcasing our unified company vision and our commitment to our customers and employees.

Our commitment to our customers continues to be defined by:

  1. Building solutions for now, but also for the future to continue driving the market
  2. Expanding our internal expertise, continuing to be experts to best serve our expert customers
  3. Closing the gap in how people access language, enabled by our one-stop-shop platform with a commitment to support access
  4. Showcasing whether you need to find it, learn it or share it, we hope you “Verbit.”

We will continue being an essential partner to help you accelerate progress, with specialized industry teams and technologies to have our customers’ compliance covered.

Every day, we will continue to develop vertical-built voice AI solutions to amplify insights and provide equitable access to words.

This new branding release is a milestone towards our vision to unlock the value of verbal information to access words and share insights.

“The Verbit Company” is your essential partner for captioning and transcription, providing you with an automated workflow and being available 24/7 so you don’t have to be. We’re always on, so your captions can always be on. 

It’s just the beginning!