Chatham University Speaks: Details on a Real Partnership with Verbit 

By: Sarah Roberts
Chatham University is in Pittsburgh, pictured here including a river and yellow bridge

University and college leaders are constantly looking for recommendations to improve campus life and for trusted solutions to enhance the learning experiences of their students. 
In an effort to inspire and support peers’ efforts at other institutions, Becky Borello, Assistant Director, Office of Instructional Technology and Teaching Development, took a moment to share what her partnership with Verbit is accomplishing.  
Click on the clips below to explore her advice! She shares helpful ideas on why word-for-word captioning may still be needed for students with existing accommodations, why to be wary of free tools and why she chose Verbit as her accessibility partner. You can also read a full case study here

Why Chatham chose Verbit 

Chatham turned to Verbit to support students with disabilities who needed their coursework captioned. Discover how Borello found Verbit’s captions and transcripts to be popular not just by those who requested them, but by additional peers who benefitted from accessing them: 

Providing solutions that students can rely on for equity 

Effectively accommodating students with disabilities can often require creative, multipronged solutions. At Chatham, one full-time student, who is Deaf, had the support of an interpreter, but it wasn’t enough. Learn how Verbit’s captions allowed Borello to offer accommodations that worked in tandem to meet his needs: 

Solving the need to accurately caption content in bulk quickly 

Chatham had a bulk of uncaptioned online course content that needed to be captioned quickly, but accurately to meet accessibility requirements. Explore why they chose Verbit to deliver on this need at scale and within budget: 

Using Verbit across different departments and use cases 

Other departments at the university have been leveraging Verbit’s captioning and transcription tools outside of the classrooms themselves. Chatham’s team is using Verbit for faculty research transcripts, events, library archives and more. Discover how the university has been accessing and benefitting from Verbit’s resources for unexpected use cases:  

Open collaboration with Chatham & Verbit’s product team 

With Verbit, Chatham’s team has had the opportunity to make special requests to meet their needs. Borello worked closely with Verbit’s product team to develop a single sign on (SSO) option to save its users time when submitting captioning requests: 

Free captioning services don’t cut it for Chatham’s needs 

Not all captions are created equally. Borello acknowledged that free captions based on automatic speech recognition (ASR) rarely meet accessibility requirements. Chatham’s partnership with Verbit allows the institution to receive captions and transcripts that are accurate and necessary for online course accreditation.  

Verbit’s product team has also learned a great deal while working hand-in-hand with Chatham University to meet its needs. Verbit doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach and modifies its offerings and partnerships based on individual customer needs. Feel free to explore more about our education offerings to learn how your institution can benefit.