Education & disability services

  • 99% accurate transcription and captions by ADA standards
  • CART services with 24-hour booking and 12-hour cancellation
  • Ability to designate administrator for approval flow
  • Interactive transcripts for note taking, highlighting and searching
  • Live integration with LMS, web conferencing and media hosting platforms
  • Support for translation of all languages
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    An ideal solution for overall student engagement and disability requirements for live courses & recorded media. Verbit serves as a one-stop-shop for all university transcription and captioning needs. We provide seamless integrations and real-time service at competitive pricing that doesn’t compromise on accuracy or speed. We make captions not just an accessibility accommodation, but a learning feature to benefit all students.


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    Kate Ledger Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing, University of Pittsburgh

    I have an email that I copy and paste because people ask me [about the live captions] all the time. So I just say: Here’s Verbit… I have been giving out rave reviews too because that was a really important part. So thanks for instilling confidence in me.

    Meeting Education & Disability Needs

    With reliable speech-to-text tools, all students can participate effectively. These tools help with real-time captioning of courses as a professor lectures and real-time transcription of sessions so students can benefit from note taking capabilities. The addition of captions and transcription tools not only helps students with reported disabilities, such as those with hearing loss, but all students. Captions and transcription tools can help all students to better engage with course materials to succeed academically. Accessibility needs can be met live with CART captioning and CART transcription, which offer students equal opportunities to thrive in real-time.


    Inclusivity without compromise

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