Rose Li & Associates


In a Nutshell

Rose Li & Associates (RLA) produces large-scale events which engage decision-makers like New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and leaders in the science community around key research. To ensure its virtual events comply with government accessibility standards and that research being presented is captioned and reported on accurately, RLA partners with Verbit.

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The Challenge

RLA was struggling to book captioners for its virtual events due to a nationwide shortage of stenographers. Its leaders needed a captioning solution that integrated into web conferencing platforms and could detect sophisticated scientific language and perform with superior accuracy. Lorene Eberhardt, RLA’s Director of Operations, said “until we came across Verbit,” RLA couldn’t find an automated captioning service that met their accuracy standards.

Terrence Calhoun

Brand Chief, Rose Li & Associates Conference Services

“I found myself stressed a number of times trying to find captioners for meetings that were happening and to be able to have this type of platform where we're not reliant on a person to do this...That's huge and it allows us to focus our time and attention on other matters. [Verbit’s] a great resource.”

The Solution


99% accurate captioning and transcription


Built-in integration with Zoom and Webex


Always available live captioning


Programmable AI to identify niche words


The Results

Scalability and reliability for multiple events

Verbit “keeps pace with demand” for captioning events “In a world where we don’t know what’s coming next and we need to be able to quickly scale…Verbit helps us do that.”

Convenient built-in integrations

“There’s no extra step that needs to be done if you are an attendee. [Verbit] integrates with platforms like Zoom, Webex and others… so it’s really nice that it’s just integrated and built-in.”

Captioning that detects difficult terminology

Verbit’s AI continues to learn new terms, which is “really helpful…We probably are going to have some terms that are extremely unique. They’re not really used outside of a very small circle of people.”

Dedicated customer success

“I leaned on Verbit support quite a bit, and that’s been very helpful and useful. The chat feature is very responsive and has been able to resolve any issue I’ve had.”

“When English is not the first language for attendees, having captions that are accurate can be incredibly helpful. Another population that we see a lot is actually an aging one. One of our major clients focuses on research for the aging. Hearing is something that gets impacted as folks age. Having captions that are actually accurate and readable is really important for those who are participating in the meeting that way.”
-Lorene Eberhardt, Director of Operations, Rose Li & Associates

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