Brightcove Media and Verbit Build Partnership for Better Video

By: Verbit Editorial
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78% of people watch videos online every week. As video becomes one of the most engaging mediums for educating, marketing and connecting with audiences, it’s critical for professionals to use it wisely. In partnership with Brightcove Media, Verbit has joined Brightcove Marketplace’s robust partner ecosystem, a platform that allows its users to learn about tools and integrations that extend the value of their video.

Verbit is providing Brightcove users with speech to text tools like AI captioning and transcription that deliver results directly in their video. The partner listing provides users with information about Verbit’s tools, details about the captioning integration and ways to get in touch with developers.

Hundreds of users are implementing Brightcove’s video solutions, engagement features and partner tools to increase the value of their video while providing accessible experiences for their diverse customer base. Professionals using Brightcove Marketplace can start taking action to improve their video by learning about the useful tools and capabilities its platform offers.

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Benefits of Using Brightcove Marketplace

Brightcove Marketplace is making integrations like Verbit’s readily available to their customers. The public listings provide them with the means to search for tools that can help solve their video challenges, enabling them to use add-on technologies that partners have developed to enhance Brightcove’s video player.

Brightcove’s video player also offers users built-in features like keyboard navigation, engagement tracking, and accessibility WCAG 2 compliance. They also provide users with WebVTT caption files that allow them to view captions on mobile iOS devices in full-screen mode.

Setting Up The Integration

Setting up the Verbit-Brightcove Integration takes only a few minutes. The setup process involves logging into both the Brightcove and Verbit accounts and then copying the integration passwords between the platforms. Once the setup process is complete, both accounts will be linked so that users have the ability to request captions for their video directly within Brightcove.

Users can make their first Brightcove captioning request by going to the media section in Brightcove, selecting the video they want to caption and then by adding a captioning tag to the detail of the video. Once the video is saved, it will automatically be sent to Verbit for captioning.

The solution runs the video through an advanced speech recognition system to generate the transcript and then routes it to a professional transcriber, who edits the text for greater accuracy, punctuation and grammar.

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Enhance Your Video with Brightcove Integrations

With Brightcove Marketplace, customers can connect directly with integration and application developers like Verbit and get support from Brightcove to ensure a better viewing experience. Video accessibility integrations like Verbit’s are helping improve video outcomes, allowing all users to engage and participate effectively with video accessibility tools like captioning.

Verbit provides video integrations with platforms like Brightcove to leading technology companies, universities and businesses promote better engagement and audience reach. To learn more about Verbit’s integrations and captioning, audio description and live captioning tools, reach out.