Verbit Announces Best-in-Class Legal Transcription Solution

Verbit Announces Best in Class Legal Transcription Solution

Transcription Leader Announces Reliable, Accurate and Customizable Product Designed by Legal Experts

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2023/ — Verbit, a leading provider of captioning and transcription services, today announced the launch of its next-generation legal transcription solution built specifically for court reporting agencies, law firms and the legal profession.

Built upon Verbit’s proprietary, cutting-edge, AI technology platform, this full-service solution provides reliable, accurate transcription designed to meet the unique needs of today’s legal industry in a variety of use-cases, including depositions, interviews, examinations and digital evidence, among others.

“We spent the past year developing new technologies and meeting with professionals in the court reporting and legal industries to understand their specific needs and how we can best deliver on those needs,” said Raffi Margaliot, Verbit’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “Our team includes highly trained legal transcribers, quality control reviewers and professionals with backgrounds in the legal industry. We’re built for the legal market and equipped to transcribe any proceeding.”

Verbit’s legal transcription solution features three unique offerings – a final, human-edited and reviewed, accurate transcript complete with speaker identifications and cover pages, a 24-hour rough draft, and a transcript compiled via our highly accurate automatic speech recognition (ASR) platform – depending on client needs and schedules. Clients also have access to Verbit’s transcription platform and the ability to edit the ASR and rough draft outputs.

“Verbit is a recognized leader in ASR and human captioning, and our legal transcription solution efficiently harnesses the power of both,” said Jim Holmes, Verbit’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Our technology and processes enable us to provide a flexible, customizable product that delivers the highest accuracy rates and top-notch customer care, with 24/7 access to legal transcription experts.”

Liz Dwyer, Vice President of Operations, Advanced Court Reporting, said: “We began working with Verbit for legal transcription in 2020 and it’s been a game-changer for us. We’ve been very happy with the quality, turnaround times, and customer service we’ve received. Verbit has provided us with peace of mind when it comes to legal transcription and has enabled us to cover more jobs and better serve our clients.”

Verbit will be showcasing its legal transcription product at the 2023 American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO., on June 15-17. Representatives will be at Booth 15 on the show floor to meet with attendees, answer questions, and provide additional details.

About Verbit:
Verbit, a global leader in captioning and transcription, strives to make verbal and visual information accessible, discoverable, and insightful and is an essential partner to more than 3,000 businesses and institutions, including those in the education, legal, media, government, finance, and corporate industries. Verbit’s in-house proprietary voice AI technology and skilled, professional human captioners and transcribers transform live and recorded video and audio into highly accurate captions and transcripts. Verbit also provides audio description, translation, and dubbing solutions, and is leading the way in generative AI for transcription and captioning solutions. Employing the latest and most secure data practices, Verbit provides customers the tools they need to offer inclusive, engaging, and equitable experiences that meet ADA, FCC, and others accessibility guidelines. For more information, please visit

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