Meet Scott Ready & the Verbit Team at VOICE 22 

By: Sarah Roberts



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VOICE 22 is the biggest voice tech event in the world, and Verbit’s Scott Ready has a seat on the stage. Ready, Verbit’s Global Head of Accessibility & Inclusion, is joining hundreds of voice tech experts to discuss Conversational AI and Digital Transformation. 

In addition to participating in the event, Verbit is a proud sponsor of VOICE 22. If you’re in Arlington, Virginia, October 10 – 12, we hope you stop by to meet Ready and the Verbit team. We can’t wait to connect with other members of the voice tech community and look forward to discussions surrounding this rapidly growing space.  

Scott Ready’s take on voice tech and accessibility 

Verbit’s Ready has been working in accessibility for decades. Today, he’s a renowned expert on disability inclusion everywhere, from the classroom to the boardroom. At VOICE 22, Ready will explore voice tech’s impact on people with disabilities. 

These tools are a modern convenience for most people who use voice recognition solutions. Whether sending a quick text, capturing quotes from an interview or asking Alexa to play a favorite song, voice tech is already a tool that helps boost efficiency or save time.  

However, for many people with disabilities, voice tech has a much more significant impact on their lives. Ready will delve into AI’s life-altering potential for people with disabilities and offer insights into how technology can create more inclusive environments. Attendees will get actionable tips on how to incorporate these tools in their institutions to provide everyone with an equitable experience. 

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The role of voice tech in accessibility and inclusivity 

AI is helping people with disabilities obtain an education and perform their jobs. In some instances, AI even offers people an opportunity to gain independence in their everyday lives. 

Voice tech, in particular, provides several different benefits for people with disabilities. For example, using your voice as input allows people to be productive without using their hands. This feature can boost everyone’s efficiency.  

For people with mobility-related disabilities, this tool allows them to gain a great deal of independence. Consider the many simple tasks people do throughout their day, from turning lights on or off to changing the thermostat. 

“Some of those very basic things that we all take for granted require, for some individuals, they have to ask someone else to do that for them. Up until voice AI,” said Ready. “Think about the independence. Think about the ability to be more included in the workplace.” 

Voice-to-text technology is another related solution that supports many people, including those who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Examples include captions for a meeting or webinar, podcast transcripts, and any scenarios where people need text-based resources. Additionally, this technology can help serve note-taking purposes that support people who have ADHD and others. 

There are also ways that text-to-speech allows better communication for those who can’t speak. In fact, in the future, this technology could speak in an individual’s voice rather than an automated one. 

The benefits of voice tech are considerable, but there’s even more potential for these solutions. At VOICE 22, Ready will also touch on some predictions for the future of voice tech. 

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Visit the Verbit booth and connect 

Verbit is excited about Ready’s talk, which will highlight many timely and exciting trends in voice tech. You can listen to Ready live on October 11 at 3:30 p.m. EST in room 2005 on the Ballroom Level. Ready will also sit for an interview on October 11 at 2:30 p.m. EST on the Media Stage. 

If you’re attending VOICE 22, don’t forget to visit Verbit at Booth #140. Ready and other members of the Verbit Team will be at the event to meet attendees in person. We hope to see you soon!