20 Sep 2021 Verbit Editorial
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TikTok Closed Captions

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media applications in the world, boasting over 1.1 billion active users worldwide. The 15 second to 3 minute videos being created are helping individuals and brands engage and share information in fun, short formats.  Professionals posting on the platform can greatly benefit when adding captions for TikTok to their videos, whether recorded or live streaming to engage with followers. 

The rapidly growing popularity of Tik Tok has created an avenue of opportunity for business leaders in all industries, leading to both increased revenue and higher engagement in their online marketing efforts. TikTok also offers many features that businesses can use in their online video marketing such as ads, branded hashtagging and video filters and effects.

To make the most of content being shared on TikTok, individuals and brand leaders can  improve their outcomes and reach through the simple strategy of offering closed captions on TikTok videos and live streams.

1. TikTok Closed Captions Improves Social Media Engagement and SEO

Video continues to help increase a company’s engagement rates on social. As a video-first platform, that benefit is amplified with TikTok. Statistics also reveal that TikTok offers greater engagement than other leading social platforms to users with small and large audiences alike. 

To help fuel video engagement, business and brand leaders should offer TikTok captioning on their videos to provide all audiences with different viewing needs with the ability to see, listen and read the content being shared. Providing TikTok closed captions on video can also help increase engagement through improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Closed captions allow audiences to discover content by searching for specific words mentioned in the videos. 

Captions are also known to increase comprehension. Ensuring video clips are captioned can help keep audiences engaged for even longer, increasing their likelihood to follow social profiles, consider products and visit websites off of the platform. 

2. Captioning on TikTok Expands Audience Reach

TikTok Closed Captions

TikTok caption features also improve brand reach on social channels. Captions provide more opportunities to increase online views and followings with an understanding that social audiences consume content differently and have different needs. While TikTok video itself is engaging, adding captions can help expand an audience base to reach additional users that wouldn’t otherwise have been able to view or consume videos effectively without them.

Captioning TikTok videos can benefit a wide range of audiences: 

  • Individuals with vision and hearing disabilities, including those who are Deaf or Blind
  • People who are consuming content in a non-native language  
  • Audiences who are learning to read and write
  • Individuals unfamiliar with different accents
  • Users who are unable to hear video content due to a noisy background environment
  • Individuals who opt to view content silently when in environments where audio cannot be played out loud

3. TikTok Closed Captions Boosts Channel Accessibility

With all of these different audience needs in mind, while captions are ‘nice to have’ for some, they are in fact critical for others. Professionals launching and running TikTok channels cannot overlook accessibility. While TikTok has been making efforts to support TikTok’s Deaf community as of late, there is still a lot of work that can be done by professionals to help boost and ensure accessibility on their individual channels for all audiences to consume their content effectively. 

Businesses are being evaluated more than ever on their commitments to diversity and inclusivity, so it’s important to prioritize TikTok captioning in all content being posted. Ensuring that video captioning is provided on all TikTok posts will give content that extra accessibility edge that many other creators continue to overlook when putting videos together. In addition to captioning video posts, business leaders should also ensure that TikTok live captions are provided for any live streamed events on their accounts.

Captioning helps make video accessible to individuals with hearing and vision disabilities. The disability community represents a significant percentage of the US and the presence of the disability community on TikTok continues to grow as it continues to make accessibility updates to its platform.

Start Captioning TikTok Videos Today

Business leaders shouldn’t delay adding captions for TikTok channels. Thanks to accessibility features implemented in the last year, captioning videos on TikTok is much easier than ever before. While TikTok has a text-to-speech feature that provides a synthetic voice to read the text from posts out loud, professional captioning should be used to offer true equity to individuals with disabilities.

Auto-captioning solutions built into most social platforms often provide captions which are inaccurate and riddled with errors, which can be confusing to audiences who rely on them. While auto captions can be useful to provide captioning in last-minute scenarios, it’s best practice to use a professional captioning service to ensure that captions are fully accurate. Verbit is one of the leading providers of video accessibility and offers easy-to-use captioning for TikTok videos and live streams. The solution is also super cost efficient. For more information on how to quickly and easily make your social media videos more accessible, contact Verbit.