What to Expect: Annual Court Reporting Virtual Summit

By: Sarah Roberts

On July 13th, Verbit is hosting its second annual Court Reporting Virtual Summit to explore new legislation, innovation and critical research impacting the legal industry. Stategy& research concluded that approximately 50 percent of depositions will continue to occur remotely even when COVID restrictions come to an end, leading professionals to look for advice.

The summit’s speakers will share insights that attendees can act on. For example, Noa Hen, Associate at Strategy& of PwC will offer more research that her team conducted on the state of small CRAs across the US. The summit will also feature a discussion of key legislation impacting specific states that attendees may be based or operating in.
annual court reporting summit banner

Overall, participants will learn how to account for the disruption taking place and how they can incorporate digital tools into their processes to address growing personnel shortages. For example, presenters will discuss ideas based on statistics, such as how professionals can lower CRA baseline operating costs by 53 percent, allowing them to compete with larger national firms.

Attendees will also be exposed to helpful best practices for building their court reporting brands, incorporating digital tools to create a hybrid model CRA and how to approach pitching and selling their court reporting services.

Verbit will conclude the event with a live demonstration of its legal transcription solution to showcase technologically advanced court reporting for live proceedings and ways to expedite processes.

Throughout the live Court Reporting Virtual Summit, attendees will have a chance to ask their questions and speak to industry leaders about how to achieve success in today’s dynamic legal world.

Why Attend?

While the industry is encountering obstacles, there are new creative and innovative ways to use technology to work through legal community challenges. The landscape is primed for positive change and development. Professionals must just be willing to embrace it with an understanding of how easy it can be to do so.

To join the Court Reporting Virtual Summit, reserve your spot here. In the meantime, you can also use this link to learn more about Verbit’s legal transcription solution.