17 Nov 2021 Sarah Roberts
2min read

Verbit Secures LegalTech Breakthrough Award for “Best Use of AI”

Verbit won this year’s LegalTech Breakthrough Award in the category for the “Best Use of AI in LegalTech.” More than 1,300 nominations were cast, and Verbit’s leadership is honored that its transcription tools stood out with so many incredible companies to select from.

Verbit’s innovative AI offers a key solution to the legal industry’s backlog of cases and growing demand for court reporters to service proceedings.

The LegalTech Breakthrough Awards Recognize Companies Changing the Industry

The LegalTech Breakthrough Awards recognize new startups and industry giants that develop creative solutions to challenges in their field. By earning an award this year, Verbit joins the ranks of successful startups and well-established legal tech companies like Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis.

Veteran industry professionals selected the winners based on six factors:

-Ease of Use

The judges aim to award companies that provide innovative solutions “that address a true need, solve a complex or critical problem, or seize an opportunity and create or revolutionize a new market or industry.”

Verbit Leads in the Growing World of Legal Tech

The US legal services market is worth more than $400 billion. Companies leading in this industry face steep competition from innovators looking to disrupt the legal field and gain a foothold in the large and burgeoning market.

Last year saw a 65% rise in legal tech companies using AI. Verbit’s AI is revolutionizing the way that court reporters preserve records from depositions, hearings and other legal proceedings by offering tools that save them significant time and meet their individual, custom needs.

Court reporters who incorporate Verbit into their work are helping the legal industry move forward and address the backlog of cases many states are currently facing.

Verbit will continue working to improve the legal industry and supporting the field’s busy professionals with much-needed solutions to scale their work. Contact us for more information about Verbit’s award-winning legal transcription services and how to integrate them into your work.