The need for remote work and learning has grown exponentially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of Verbit’s customers are utilizing Zoom Video Communications daily to communicate with their colleagues and teams or host online lectures for their students. Zoom is a remote conferencing services company that allows users to conduct video and audio conference calls, online meetings, eLearning and webinars.

Verbit has released a new integration with Zoom to provide embedded transcription and live captions within the Zoom application. This integration allows Verbit’s clients to seamlessly have their videos captioned and transcribed in real-time.

Use Cases

This functionality will provide further engagement and accessibility to students in the higher education and online learning settings, to legal professionals enlisting digital recording tools for meetings and to employees in the enterprise setting. Captions and transcriptions provide users with helpful tools to take learning online and assist a variety of businesses with improved internal communication.

With more courses and conference calls being conducted online, this integration ensures that necessary inclusion and accessibility needs, including those provided to individuals with disabilities, continue to be met and made a priority by all organizations.

For example, many universities are scrambling to move all of their courses online as quickly as possible and accessibility measures are likely to fall by the wayside. This new integration ensures that equal opportunities are provided to students who can no longer rely on in-person note takers for example and who need captions or transcription to participate effectively in online lectures. These capabilities also prove to be helpful to further engage all students while they are learning remotely and encountering various distractions while doing so.

Additionally, professionals are now conducting their meetings via digital means to follow the government’s recommendations to stay home and avoid close interactions with others. Verbit’s integration with Zoom can help these professionals by providing records of their correspondences. These accompanying transcripts can help them with note taking and to ensure deadlines continue to be met and nothing falls through the cracks while navigating this new world of remote work.

How does the integration work?

Verbit will provide users with two main experiences: 

  • Captions will be provided with a minor three-second delay through the utilization of our automatic-speech-recognition (ASR) machine.
  • Live CART services will also be offered to provide a transcript of Zoom conversations on the side of video or audio calls.

Seamless integration:

Users will be able to select between captions and transcription within a profile set up on the Verbit platform. Users simply need to schedule a CART session within the Verbit platform and join their Zoom meetings to utilize these new features. Verbit will connect all microphones to ensure high-quality audio to produce highly accurate captions and transcripts.

The integration relies on a one-time set up to make these new capabilities as easy as possible for our users. For more information, or to begin utilizing the integration, reach out to us.