VerbIT provides the highest accuracy standards


Our customers’ content teams
Can be certain, that we will deliver on the
highest accuracy possible.
Just submit and expect it very soon.


We have the most
powerful technology to assure our quality
standards, and the top per-qualified
workforce to keep our promise

How does it work?

You can submit jobs in different ways:

Once Verbit receives a job, a three-layer process gets triggered to maximize accuracy and speed


These 3 layers allow
us to optimize the
the process, to deliver
faster with the highest
quality standards

Highest accuracy on
Technology Transcript


Proprietary Adaptive ASR (Automated Speech Recognition Technology) specifically trained for the domain of the customer. This layer allows us to have a very highly accurate transcript (90% average) in minutes after job submitted, as we are doing contextually the technology transcript. For 1 hours of audio/video 5 minutes to have that first technology transcript


Top transcribers for
the customer domain
Pick up of the
Technology transcript


Once the technology transcript is ready it passes to our human layer divided in two stages: of top pre-qualified editors and reviewers. They will make sure the transcript becomes a professional transcript of more than 99% accuracy after a couple of minutes. Just as a side note, we only accept the best transcribers (6% acceptance rate)
Once this is done, if needed for captioning, our technology will automatically align the text with the specific format for it.


The AI Layer
allows us to
assist our humans
while transcribing


Once we finished the transcript the technology is being taught its mistakes through our artificial intelligence layer, is also fed with new data to provide context, is trained on different accents and audio quality of the customers




management solution where the customer has control of all the different platforms where they submit the jobs, enterprise ready with open-API and third party integration

Transcription Editor

Modify/edit all transcription/captioning jobs in real time, and add inline comments, request reviews if necessary or update the video if needed.

monitor jobs

monitor the progress of all transcription and captioning jobs while they are being done (Viewer mode) in real time

Billing & Analytics

keep track of your billing and reports on your usage


Create any number of users, each with their own permissions for viewing, editing and administration

Success Manager & 24/7 support

Every Verbit customer gets a individual success manager, whom they can contact at any time. in addition, everyone has access to our support chat.


Verbit is being used on many different ways

to solve different customer challenges

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