Closed Captioning & Transcription Services For The Legal Industry

Closed Captioning & Transcription Services For The Legal Industry

The legal industry depends on professional legal transcription services in order to operate properly. Without accurate transcripts, law firms, court clerks, and others in the law field won’t have the accurate legal documents they require to run legal proceedings.

In the legal field, in particular, both timeliness and accuracy are paramount. Legal documents need to be on hand at appointed times in order for a legal case to proceed on time. A slow legal transcribing service can hold up a case or lead to missed deadlines and extra costs. Errors in an official document can leave a case in doubt or cause legal professionals to make errors in their own decisions.

This is why law firms today are turning to a more advanced level of legal transcription. Combining the latest in Adaptive Automated Speech Recognition Technology (ASR) with Artificial Intelligence, as well as the skill and diligent eye of experienced legal transcriptionists, Verbit offers those in the legal industry a superior level of speed and accuracy.


What Does Legal Transcription Include?

What is legal transcription? How can high-quality transcription services support legal professionals?

Legal transcription companies take video and audio recordings of legal proceedings and transcribe the audio word-for-word into printed format. In the legal world – because every nuance matters – a verbatim transcription is sometimes necessary. Having access to these legal documents gives industry professionals the legal support they need to make decisions for a client, to research for a court case, and to support legal arguments.

Legal transcription companies can transform both audio and video content into a readable text document. This allows lawyers, solicitors, legal aides, and other professionals to quickly access the information they need without having to sift through lengthy material. In document form, legal professionals can also store, organize, and manage transcriptions for future use. This makes it easy to quickly look over past case details that may have similarities to a current one or to access the right material if a case is reopened.


What Areas of Service Can Be Transcribed and What Are the Advantages of Using Transcription Services?


Legal transcription companies can transform a variety of recorded events into verbatim transcriptions, including:

  • Official court hearings
  • Telephone conversations
  • Witness testimonials
  • Depositions
  • Interrogations
  • Professional letters and legal briefs
  • Client letters
  • General legal correspondence

What are the advantages of using legal transcription services?

  • Transcribed documents are easier to organize and manage. This applies to both client and internal documents.
  • Law firms, corporations, and others can save money by outsourcing their legal transcription work to a dedicated company. With the efficiency and speed of an AI-driven platform, Verbit’s legal transcription and closed captioning prices are incredibly competitive.
  • Using a reliable company, law professionals can save time and resources, reducing workloads and allowing experts to focus on more important work.


The Importance of Verbatim Transcriptions for the Legal Industry


With legal transcription services, even the fine details of conversational grammar usage and patterns in someone’s speech are important for certain types of source materials like interrogation or witness testimonies. Where other industries expect the end product to include correct grammar and industry phrasing, legal transcriptions sometimes require speech to be transcribed verbatim.

On the other hand, with legal documents, official letters, and legal briefings, Verbit will use proper legal wording and grammar in the final document to ensure a professional quality finished product. That’s the advantage of using three layers of quality control, with both AI and the skills of two transcriptionists for every document. There’s no doubt the context, type of transcription, and each nuance will be flawlessly accurate, offering legal professionals an unprecedented level of confidence in their documents and reports.

Who Benefits from Accurate Legal Transcripts?


It’s not just lawyers that benefit from speedy and reliable legal transcription services. Everyone in the legal field benefits from fast, accurate transcriptions that help legal professionals meet deadlines and court cases proceed in a timely manner.

Solicitors: Solicitors rely on transcribed documents to help them gather information for their cases, saving them time when preparing information. Solicitors can submit digital audio files of their dictations on the Verbit platform and quickly receive an accurate transcribed report.

Lawyers: Lawyers and legal aids need high quality, well-written documents to use in their work. With Verbit, they can submit audio recordings of defendants, expert witnesses, and plaintiffs to be transcribed. They can also dictate information, which can then be transcribed. With the latest in Adaptive Automated Speech Recognition Technology and Verbit’s sophisticated AI algorithms, even complex or difficult-to-understand recordings can be quickly and accurately transcribed.

Law libraries: Law libraries are the ultimate research source for law clerks, lawyers, law students, and judges. With transcription and closed captioning services, law libraries can provide reports, court arguments, and video or audio learning materials in an accessible format for everyone in the field, including those with a hearing impairment.

Finance and banking professionals: The banking industry is one in which laws are constantly changing, which can make it a challenge for industry professionals to keep up. Transcriptions for recordings of meetings, conferences, and official reports or updates on laws in finance and banking can be a huge time saver. The transcriptions can be used to review the details of new banking legislation or new regulations. Professionals can also include the material in other documentation such as press releases or internal reports.

Corporate requirements: Industries across the board may require legal transcription services for things like claims interviews, transcripts of HR interviews, or other types of communication that may be necessary to record and transcribe for legal issues, or to have ready in case legal issues arise.


The Advantage of Accurate Closed Captioning for the Legal Field


Today more than ever before video recordings are used for legal purposes. From dash cam and body cam videos taken by police officers to personal smartphone videos taken to record potentially relevant events or exchanges, videos play an important role in some types of court cases. But this also increases the need for closed captioning services.

Whether it’s a video recording of a police interrogation, evidence of an event in question, videos of court proceedings, or even educational video content for training or learning purposes, closed captioning makes it possible to know what is being said within a video.

The video can then be used as a more useful piece of evidence or learning material. It can also help legal professionals save time as they can hone in on key points in a video recording without having to figure out or question what’s being said.


How Verbit Is Helping the Legal Industry with Fast and Accurate Transcription Services


Today’s legal professionals have an extremely high standard when it comes to transcriptions. Legal documents must be accurate. They have to capture the nuances of speech for some transcriptions and correct documents for grammar and legal terminology in other cases. And most importantly, they must be produced quickly so they don’t risk slowing down the legal process.

Verbit has combined cutting-edge technology with an easy-to-use platform, making it convenient for law firms, court clerks, and corporate users to transform audio files into accurate transcriptions with remarkable speed. The process begins with proprietary Automated Speech Recognition Technology, which creates a preliminary transcription with a 90% accuracy rate in seconds.

After this, Verbit’s three-layer legal transcription service is set in motion. First, the Artificial Intelligence goes to work, refining the transcription to an even greater level of accuracy and ensuring it is in the appropriate format and writing style. And finally, each transcription is edited and reviewed by two experienced transcribers for a near flawless finished product.

Verbit consistently offers the legal field 99%+ accuracy for all types of legal transcripts including court hearings, legal briefs, and interrogations, as well as client communications and important legal documents for corporate purposes. The real advantage of using this advanced technology is this superior level of accuracy combined with speed and efficiency. Even for legal transcription work at scale, large audio files, and poor quality audio files, Verbit can deliver accurate transcriptions quickly.

Users can upload files to the platform, track the progress of each file at each stage of the process, and even access a document to edit while in process when necessary. This offers legal professionals and other users total control and total transparency.

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Today’s businesses and organizations demand a higher level of accuracy and speed when it comes to online transcription and captioning services. Flawless, industry-tailored transcripts, a fast, transparent process, and all the advantages of an AI transcription platform plus the latest in speech recognition technology – that’s why Verbit is able to offer so much more to customers.

Verbit combines proprietary Adaptive Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Technology, which is trained for the unique domain of each user, with AI to generate near-perfect transcripts within minutes. Every nuance of the industry, every subtlety of an individual’s speech, every flaw of the audio quality is accounted for and is either corrected, refined, or transcribed verbatim, depending on the unique needs of the file.

After this initial technology-driven phase, transcriptions go through Verbit’s second and third layers of refinement. Each AI transcription is reviewed and edited by two skilled transcriptionists, who will ensure everything from the formatting to the style of the text is exactly as it should be.

The result is a 99%+ level of accuracy with every finished document – at a speed rarely seen in the industry. Verbit provides online transcription services remarkably quickly.

Users can even monitor their documents in real-time, managing where they are in the process for total control and transparency. Designed to make getting professional transcriptions easier than ever, the Verbit platform even includes an interactive editor, allowing customers to edit jobs, add comments, request reviews, or update video files. Even complex projects are handled with ease.

The Verbit’s transcription service offers tailored transcriptions across industries, with specialized services for the legal and education industries. Capable of producing accurate transcriptions at scale, Verbit has become the platform of choice for enterprise-level businesses, law firms, universities, online schools, small businesses, and students.

Learn more about Verbits large-scale transcription and captioning solution or get started with your project today.

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