Closed Captioning & Transcription Services For The Legal Industry

Closed Captioning & Transcription Services For The Legal Industry

It is vital to have accurate information when it comes to legal transcription. The outcome of a legal proceeding depends on it. Having the transcripts completed and returned as quickly as possible is imperative. This need for speed should not compromise accuracy. has developed a unique process that combines technology along with the traditional human processing of each and every file that is submitted.

Need for Transcription Services In the Legal Field
The legal industry is a large field and legal transcription services cover many areas. These include, but are not limited to:
Court Hearings
Witness Testimonies
Professional Letters and Legal Briefs
Telephone Conversations

The original format of this material can be lengthy and hard to sift through. Transforming video or audio material into a format that is easier to understand is a must, yet lawyers and legal professionals don’t have time to process all of this while working on important cases. That’s where comes in.
At, we’ve established a revolutionary process that utilizes modern technology, yet still employs a human factor to ensure that your transcription or closed caption project is returned quickly and accurately.

Transcription for Solicitors
For solicitors, transcription is a vital resource. Solicitors often spend a lot of time trying to gather important information for their cases. By keeping transcripts of all interactions, they can often find key information that had been previously overlooked.

In a court proceeding, time is of the essence and a solicitor rarely has the time to compile lengthy reports. By submitting a dictation, they can have their reports transcribed, saving them time for more important matters.

In a court of law, well-written documents are a must. There will always be a need for reports from expert witnesses, defendants, plaintiffs and more. The fastest and easiest way to acquire these is to submit recordings for legal transcription.

Transcription for the Finance and Banking Industry
The world of finance and banking is an ever-changing one. With the constant changes in the law regarding this industry, there are always going to be meetings and conferences. Transcription helps to make sense of all the notes and recordings that occur. It’s hard to remember or even hear everything that is discussed during the meetings. In addition, a lot of good points can be missed during the note-taking process.
Transcripts are good sources of reference. They can be filed away to be used over and over again. The material can be used to create press releases or other reports. Ultimately, this information can be passed along to others who were not able to participate and could benefit from the information.

Closed Captioning Used for Legal Purposes
Legal conventions and workshops are a place to gather information about new procedures and laws. There is so much to learn that it can be hard to process all of it. Those presenting the workshops are also often presented with interesting questions and viewpoints that they’ll want to remember for future research.
A video recording is often the easiest way to capture it all in order to use these for future educational purposes. Closed captioning makes it simple to understand what is being said. It can then be shared with an even wider audience, including the deaf and hearing impaired.
With the use of dash and body cams in the line of police duty, closed captioning can be used to carefully note everything that takes place. The officer or the suspect may say or do things that will need to be recalled at a later date. Closed captioning can be used to review and determine what actually took place.
Police interrogations are often recorded and submitted as evidence. To save time, having a transcript or closed captioning can help focus on key points of the investigation and assist in obtaining a proper verdict.

Our Triple-Layer Transcription Process
At, our legal transcription and closed captioning process is one-of-kind. We use a combination of modern technology and human interaction that triple checks your reports for accuracy. Once you submit your file or link, our proven system gets to work on processing your transcription or closed captioning job. This three-layer cycle incorporates Automated Speech Recognition Technology (ASR), Artifical Intelligence (AI), and a human team of editors and reviewers.
Files can be hard to process for various reasons. Accents and bad sound quality are two of the biggest problems that the average transcriptionist faces. Our triple-layer system helps to decipher even the most complicated files so you’ll have them prepared quickly and accurately.

The Interface
Our interface is easy to understand and navigate. You can submit your file in a variety of formats. Choose the method that works best for you. Select your media and manually upload it to our interface. Manual upload possibilities include:
Google Photos
Amazon Cloud Drive

Our tried and true three-layer legal transcription service gets to work for you from the moment you turn your material over to us. You are also able to interact with the process and make updates to the material you’ve submitted.

You can keep track of progress throughout every stage of the transcription process. With our system, you are always in control.

It’s easy to see why legal transcription and closed captioning are some of our most highly requested services. At, we are prepared and ready to take on your toughest legal transcription projects.

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