Transcription Services For The Education Sector

Transcription Services For The Education Sector

Academic transcription has become a cornerstone of modern academia. Empowering everyone from students, teachers and academic researchers to those with hearing impairments who depend on accurate transcripts to learn, with high-quality academic transcription services, everyone in the education sector benefits.


Today, with advanced technology and a high standard of excellence amongst academic transcription companies, schools and universities – from public education institutions to Ivy League members – are able to access a more effective and faster level of service at scale. Verbit offers the next evolution in academic transcription solutions, setting the education sector up to thrive now and in the future as learning mediums and expectations continue to evolve.


How Do Students Benefit from Quality Academic Transcription Services?


When academic transcription companies are able to live up to the unique demands of today’s schools, it’s possible to facilitate a better educational experience across the board. Academic transcriptions are traditionally used to support student learning by providing a transcribed version of lectures, interviews, Q & A sessions, digital seminars, and other learning events.

Access to a readable version makes it easier for students to take notes, study for exams, review key points, and to delve deeper into a topic area. Without accurate transcriptions, students are left to rely on their own lecture notes and memory.


However, it’s not only the traditional student who gains from having academic transcriptions:


Online learning: Today, more schools and universities are offering online learning opportunities, whether they provide full academic programs or partial courses, or publish transcripts from lectures for the general public to take advantage of. It is the academic transcription companies that are able to produce accurate transcripts for educational institutions to publish online.


ESL Students: For students whose first language isn’t English, being able to read over a text copy of a lecture or seminar is essential. Transcriptions offer English as a second language students the opportunity to spend more time on a topic or specific lecture to make sure they fully understand the material.


Students with Disabilities: Academic transcription services make it possible for students who have a hearing impairment, or for any other reason cannot digest course material when it’s presented in an audio format, to learn without restrictions. Verbit’s 99%+ accuracy rate combined with a remarkably fast rate of completion also makes it easy for schools offering online course content to remain compliant with the 2010 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design, which requires all online course material to be accessible to the hearing impaired and other individuals with a disability.


The Different a Cutting-Edge Research Transcription Service Makes


One of the most important applications of transcription services is for academic research. For PhD students writing their dissertation, professors, professionals, and others who need to undertake academic research, the sheer volume of information and resources to sift through is daunting. One of the keys to successful research is being able to organize, manage, and access a variety of materials in order to really get to the core of a topic and to answer research questions with the necessary amount of depth and insight.


A professional research transcription service makes this possible. Researchers can transform files in any digital audio format into accurate transcriptions, which they can then more easily work with to get the information they need. The reality is, no one can highlight key quotes from an interview or physically organize specific data from a study presented in lecture form.

But, with transcripts, academic researchers can easily manage all their research material. This results in less work for researchers, a faster process, and the ability to focus on researching and writing instead of trying to gather the right information from audio and video materials.


Research transcription services can be used for:


  • Focus group discussions
  • Recorded academic interviews
  • Subject panel Q & A sessions
  • Lectures
  • Online or in-person seminars

With the sophisticated algorithms Verbit uses to transcribe audio files, even difficult-to-understand audio, complex subjects, and issues like heavy speaker accents are not a problem. Leveraging the power of trained artificial intelligence, researchers can count on accurate transcriptions, saving valuable time and energy in the research process.


Advanced Closed Captioning Services for the Academic Sector


With accurate academic transcription services, schools and universities can also access the closed captioning services they need for video content. Closed captioning offers a written version of content, which is essential in videos where the speaker may be hard to understand or is speaking in a different language. Closed captioning is also essential for students with certain disabilities such as a hearing impairment.

Even small errors in closed captioning can ruin the experience of video learning for students. With Verbit’s 99%+ accuracy rate, there’s no worry about mistaken meanings, missing words, or other issues that can arise with unreliable transcription services for closed captioning. For an even greater level of assurance, along with unparalleled speed, Verbit combines the accuracy of artificial intelligence with human editors and reviewers. This three-layer approach ensures flawless transcriptions in a short amount of time, giving professors, administrators, students, and anyone else in academics access to high-quality video material with accurate closed captioning.

Universal Design for Learning





Verbit assists in the implementation of Universal Design for Learning. This equitable model of teaching and learning guides the creation of accessible course materials to support diverse strengths, weaknesses and learning needs. 




The Advantage of Fast, Accurate Academic Transcriptions for Professors

It’s not only those who are learning and researching who benefit from accurate transcriptions in the education sector. Professors and teachers can benefit as well. When designing a course, part of the course material may involve lectures, video, and other audio material. With transcription services, it’s possible to record classes, discussions, and lectures, as well as the audio from video content, and then have it professionally transcribed for students.


This is a huge advantage for a number of reasons:


  • Students who can’t attend a class can still get all the information they need by using the transcripts to study.
  • Those who may need extra time to go over material to make sure they understand it, such as ESL students, can simply rely on academic transcripts provided by their professors. They can study as much as they want to rather than falling behind.
  • Teachers can offer a better experience for students with disabilities by offering transcripts of recorded lectures, videos with closed captioning, and other easily accessible learning materials.

Once professors create a transcript, it can be archived for future students to use. This isn’t just a practical tool for creating a better educational experience, it also allows teachers to record the best educational events over the years, such as important interviews, fruitful class discussions, speeches made by leaders in the field, and other knowledge gems.


How Verbit Is Helping the Education Sector with Accurate, Fast Academic Transcription Services

In today’s fast-paced academic environment, the need for extremely accurate, professional, and fast transcripts is higher than it’s ever been before. This poses a challenge for schools and universities across the country who require a variety of transcripts – for everything from small one-off events to large-scale material – but who don’t have the time or resources to waste on an academic transcription service that can’t promise extreme accuracy and quick turnaround times.

A few incorrect words in video with closed captioning, a transcribed Q & A session that wasn’t able to differentiate a speaker with a heavy accent, errors in a lecture transcription that hearing-impaired students depend upon in order to learn course material – in academia, anything less than flawless isn’t acceptable.


That’s why so many educational institutions are turning to a more advanced and reliable level of service. Verbit is different than other academic transcription companies because it uses the latest technology and the human mind. It includes Adaptive Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Technology, a type of speech recognition technology that has been developing for decades. Today, ASR is incredibly sophisticated. It can recognize speech patterns, slang, and other vocal nuances, making it possible to deliver an unprecedented level of accuracy. Verbit uses ASR that is specifically trained for the domain of the customer, which is able to deliver the first transcript in a matter of minutes.


ASR is combined with an advanced AI-algorithm, which processes the information and is able to continually ‘learn’ and improve, leading to even higher levels of accuracy even with complex subjects and poor quality audio files. The revolutionary benefit of Verbit transcription services for the academic sector isn’t just the accuracy – it’s also the speed. With AI, the Verbit platform can process files in a matter of moments.


Then, after the AI layer, Verbit uses two human layers to edit and review the transcriptions, ensuring there are no errors in the transcripts. If the transcripts are used for captioning, the technology does the work, ensuring the words and audio are perfectly aligned.


Another advantage of Verbit is the platform itself. Students, professors, academic researchers and other users can easily upload audio files to the platform and then manage them. From the platform, users can see where a file is within the transcription process and when it will be finished. It’s also possible to access the files if necessary for editing or updates.


This provides the level of transparency and flexibility academia requires. Fast, accurate, and convenient, Verbit has raised the bar for academic transcription services, helping today’s schools and universities offer a better experience, and empowering students and researchers to do more with their education.


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