Transcription Services For The Education Sector

Transcription Services For The Education Sector

Academic studies can be quite detailed, yet every bit of data is important. understands the need for students, teachers, and researchers to have accurately transcribed material to refer back to. At, our expert academic transcription services will provide you with quality transcripts and a fast turnaround.

Transcription for Students

As a Graduate or Ph.D. student, you will be required to attend numerous lectures and seminars. It is very difficult to focus clearly on everything that is being said, and you may often miss out on important material while you scramble to take notes. This material could be vital to your final grade. By recording the lecture or seminar and submitting it to to be transcribed, you are able to focus more on what is being taught. You’ll have a full transcript to refer back to for future study and reference.

When you’re studying for your exam, you’ll find the transcripts to be extremely helpful. You won’t have to go back and listen to hours of recordings. You’ll be able to see the important parts in writing and won’t have to waste time rewinding back and searching for them.

Transcription for Professors

For professors and teachers, having a recording of your lecture to distribute to your students will ensure that you are getting your point across. The students at the back of the room may have a harder time trying to hear what you’re saying. Transcripts of your recording make it even easier for your students to get the most out of your lecture. Plus, the transcripts can be used over and over for study reference. 

Having a copy of a previous lecture transcripts on hand makes it easier if you have to present the same lecture more than once. It will ensure that you won’t leave out key material. It’ll also be easier to make changes as needed.

Transcription for Academic Researchers

Academic researchers utilise focus groups to collect real-life data and gain a better understanding of how people feel about products and services. It would be pointless and practically impossible to make notes of everyone’s reactions as the focus group is being conducted. By using a recording device to capture all of it, you can submit the recordings to to be transcribed. The transcription will make it easier to refer back to important points.

Transcription for ADA Compliance

The 2010 ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design brought in new enforceable standards for online content. Our online transcription services take the work out of making online course content ADA compliant & accessible for the hearing impaired & people with disabilities. Whether the course material you are offering to students is in a video or audio format,’s three layer process will ensure your material is transcribed with 99% accuracy & speed to match. 

Closed Captioning

Sometimes a video is easier and preferable to voice recording. However, visual recordings can also be a bit hard to decipher. Closed captioning makes it easy to understand what is being said. By reading the captions and viewing the speakers at the same time, it helps to get a better grasp of the material being presented. The videos can also benefit those who are deaf or hearing-impaired. will provide precise captioning of your videos to make them more meaningful to the viewer.

Our Process

At, our transcription and closed captioning process is a little different. We’ve taken steps to ensure the accuracy of your transcripts by incorporating additional technology. Our three-layer process includes an Automated Speech Recognition Technology (ASR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a Human layer, which means that your transcription will be thoroughly reviewed by editors and reviewers before being presented to you. This system ensures the accurateness of even the most hard-to-understand files with a process that has them returned to you faster than ever before.

Our interface is completely interactive. We make it easy for you to submit your files. You select the method that works best for you, such as a manual upload or by sharing a link. Once you’ve submitted your file, our three step system starts working for you. This combination of the latest technology combined with human interaction makes our academic transcription services different from the rest.

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