Crafton Hills College

In a Nutshell
Crafton Hills College used to spend hours on captioning accommodation plans for each student. With Verbit’s live captioning, the College has been able to streamline its process. “It’s remarkable and it’s really going to be a game changer for the [student] education experience...both the faculty and the student end-user experience is really above and beyond,” said Suzanne Delahanty.

The Challenge

The College was spending significant manhours helping students and faculty set up their captioning each semester. The process wasn’t sustainable and the captioning solutions the College was using weren’t reliable or user friendly. In order to offer a faster and easier method for students and administrators, Crafton Hills College sought out Verbit’s accessible live captioning solution.

“Verbit’s solution takes me about 1/10th to 1/20th of the time as the other captioning products that we used.”

Suzanne DelahantyM.Ed; M.Psy, Alternative Media & Assistive Technology Specialist, Crafton Hills College

The Solution

A user-friendly platform that’s helpful for individuals with disabilities

Live captioning compatibility with integrations into video platforms

Time-efficient account setup in 15 minutes or less

Useful account features for administrators, including financial tracking

The Results

Fast and seamless setup

“I would tell anybody in my position that Verbit provides a very easy product to use. It’s time effective. It’s streamlined.”

Equitable access for individuals with disabilities

“Verbit’s tool is helpful for different types of disabilities, such as vision or mobility…it’s remarkable.”

Easy integration 

“The setup of Verbit’s API code [integration] is one of the easiest I’ve ever seen. Verbit eliminated the problems I had, because they’re able to caption everything without even using an API code if needed—just the live view window, which is phenomenal.”

Useful features for admin and students

“Verbit has a very simple interface for both the administrator and the student user…it has a lot of useful features like financial tracking and having the ability to pop into student’s meetings.”

“The training [necessary with previous providers] was far more extensive before and would take me an hour or two for  every student or faculty. With Verbit, the product is so user-friendly for students… Every type of student, regardless of their disability, I’ve been able to get up and running in 15 minutes.” 

– Suzanne Delahanty, M.Ed; M.Psy, Alternative Media & Assistive Technology Specialist, Crafton Hills College

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