Audiovisual Translation

  • An important add-on to captioning and transcription services
  • Top accuracy with professional human translators
  • Quick turnaround time on translation of video and audio files
  • Support for all languages and sophisticated content
  • Automated glossary tool for all language pairs
  • System integration & flexibility for complex workflows

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    Verbit provides a solution to translate all content being captioned and transcribed at scale. Integrations with LMS and media hosting platforms provide users with translations to reach international audiences seamlessly.

    Verbit’s translations offer top accuracy that businesses and media companies can rely on. Users benefit from our API and out-of-the-box integrations with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and more, allowing them to easily provide media that all audiences can understand.

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    The more languages that I can handover to Verbit the better. It’s just so much less work. Even languages that we’re sending to other providers now are taking a lot of work, with SLAs and with quality, and I don’t have that now with Spanish and English. I am confident that With Verbit they’ll be fine. I don’t even need to look anymore really, which I do to keep track, but I’m not having to spend hours.

    Technical Support Lead, Enterprise Client

    Audiovisual Translation

    Businesses and media companies are now tasked with making video and materials accessible to international audiences. Audiovisual Translation by Verbit, is designed to offer an effective, professional and easy-to-implement solution to these companies. Our translations are conducted by professional translators and support all languages necessary. Simply use Verbit to produce your captions and transcripts and receive subtitles and fully accurate translations of all of your videos. Professionals can now provide viewers with high-quality translations of sophisticated content. They can also help to reach larger audiences and help with the new global world of work to service the needs of international audiences and teams.

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