Verbit Launches Real-Time Transcription Solution


Transcription and captioning company Verbit has unveiled its real-time transcription product, a Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) service that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human transcribers to generate live closed captions.

Verbit’s adaptive algorithms incorporate information from external sources as well as previous sessions, to continuously improve the automated speech recognition engine at the core of the transcription service. Transcripts also go through a “dual layer of professional transcribers with up to three backup type correctors per session,” according to the company, “working in real-time to correct inaccuracies, guarantee precision and ensure reliability.”

Other features of the service include:

  • Easy scheduling, including the ability to book or cancel a session within minutes (made possible by an on-demand marketplace boasting thousands of transcribers);
  • A downloadable transcript can be accessed immediately after a captioning session;
  • Prorated system rounds charges to the minute, not to the hour; and
  • No setup fee.