Digital Court Reporting: Getting Practical & Tactical

By: Danielle Chazen

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Digital has become a common and integral piece of the legal proceedings conversation. Professionals are looking to become more well versed and educated about existing tools and the realm of digital capabilities. From how to best conduct legal proceedings digitally to how to achieve strong audio to generate the best possible transcript, legal professionals, including those at legal agencies, attorneys and court reporters, are looking for guidance.

We’ve recruited experts from BlueLedge and Justice AV Solutions to share these key insights live. Join them on September 30th at 11am EST for the webinar, Getting Practical & Tactical. It will explore how court reporting is going digital with new processes. Attendees will also be able to receive CEU credits, as the event meets AAERT standards.

The event will provide professionals with key guidance on technologies being used effectively for remote, digital depositions and other proceedings. Lisa Dees, Program Manager at Justice AV Solutions (JAVS) will be tackling this portion of the event. She’ll run through available hardware and software and how to use them to capture and preserve the word-for-word record. Dees will offer tips to secure strong audio to generate the highest quality transcript, including which microphones and types to use, how to conduct multi-channel capture and how different methods of capture affect the end product. She’ll also explore confidence monitoring and its importance.

Benjamin Jaffe who leads training and development for BlueLedge, known as “the legal classroom”, will also join Dees. Jaffe develops B2B and B2G relationships to encourage the enrollment of students in BlueLedge’s e-learning system. Prior to BlueLedge, Jaffe led the legal technology team at Orange Legal, servicing law firms throughout Florida.

Jaffe will also offer insights on different ways legal professionals can source the end transcript and also explore automatic speech recognition (ASR) tools and what role they play in the process. Many professionals are currently using ASR offerings, which are based on Artificial Intelligence, in order to generate word-for-word transcripts, remove manual tasks and promote efficiency. Those leaning on technology tools are showcasing how more work can be accomplished quickly and effectively.

Anthony Sirna, Legal Strategist and Customer Success Manager at Verbit, is also an expert in ASR tools and how they operate. He works with many legal clients on implementing ASR tools to meet the evolving needs of their businesses, especially during COVID-19 with the greater need to operate remotely due to social distancing. Sirna has over 20 years of experience in legal and the implementation of technology and currently oversees the legal vertical at Verbit. Previously, he was Director of Customer Success for Workshare, a legal tech company supporting AMLAW 100 clients. He also has a background managing client delivery and in project management.
2 person sitting on a table with a laptop and a mic

Additional points to be addressed include:

  • How tools that promote clarity and quality of recordings make for better transcripts
  • How to manage various files and data and recommendations for incorporating more digital tools into the legal workflow
  • Various transcription capture methods
  • How AI and ASR tools are evolving the role of court reporters and transcriptionists, but the need for a human layer to still be present
  • How live capture technologies are helping legal professionals during the proceedings themselves
  • What impact technologies will have on the overall industry as they develop and mature further

The event is open to all who may benefit. RSVP here in order to confirm your attendance.