4 Nov 2020 Danielle Chazen
3min read

Learn from Leaders at CUNY and University of Oklahoma

Education looks different this year. Students are more focused on gaining tactical skills to prepare them to enter a workforce which seems more uncertain than ever before. They’re looking for innovative programs that will help them to get hired for jobs which will provide them with a sense of security.

With this reality in mind, schools are reinventing their offerings for students. Higher education institutions are offering more courses online to provide flexibility and choice to prospective and current students. They’re also account for the uncertainty that the current pandemic presents to their faculty and students.

We’ve invited two schools, City University of New York (CUNY) and the University of Oklahoma to showcase their new offerings during a live event. The video, Reinventing Traditional Pathways to Education, can be viewed on-demand and features Nakisha “Nikki” Evans, Director of the Office of Workforce Partnerships, CUNY and Dr. Martha Banz, Dean and Associate Provost, Extended Campus, The University of Oklahoma.

Both of these programs were launched with Coursera, a platform now serving 3,700 campuses worldwide, including 2.4 million campus learners. JP Moran, Global Head of Channels & Coursera for Campus Americas, moderated the event and facilitated the discussion on Oklahoma’s Work Sooner program and CUNY’s 90-Day Upskilling Challenge came to life.

Attendees explored how to design programs with a core mission of preparing students to enter the workforce with tangible skills gained remotely. From ideation through launch, these leaders showcased how other higher education professionals can think creatively to replicate these efforts at their schools.

“As the University of Oklahoma, we’re trying to connect the reskilling and upskilling for targeted skill sets that will help them career wise to get in a more stable position, but also to help them raise the sights of what’s possible and help to begin to envision a different future for themselves and their families, Banz said. “Part of what we’re trying to do is to have a program that recognizes where they are and gives them a scaffolding for being able to move out of underemployment onto a career ladder that will be better for them and their families long-term. At the same time, we’re also trying to provide opportunity for those who are already employed, but need to reskill and tool up in slightly different ways that will enhance their marketability.”

Viewers will learn how platforms like Coursera for Campus can enable them to engage remote learners, launch new creative programs and retain students effectively. The video also explores how to ensure different students’ needs are met, such as those with accessibility requirements, to make for inclusive remote learning environments.

Watch the full video here.