If you choose to use the Verbit YouTube or YouTube Playlist integration, you agree to the additional terms of service and privacy policies described below, in addition to the Verbit Privacy and Content Policies.

The Verbit YouTube integrations use YouTube API Services, and by using these optional features, you agree to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service. Before using these features, you should also review the Google Privacy Policy.

When you enable a YouTube user from within your Verbit account using the Sign in with Google button, Verbit YouTube integrations use data and have access to information necessary for completing the project. Here is the information we use and why:

Additionally, here is the data the YouTube Playlist integration uses:

The data described above is used only for the purposes of providing Verbit video accessibility services. We never share this information with external parties. This policy is described in more detail in the Verbit Privacy and Content Policies.

If you wish to revoke Verbit’s access to your YouTube data, you can either a) select the checkbox next to the YouTube user you want to disable on the YouTube Settings or YouTube Playlist Settings page in your Verbit account and then click Disable Selected, or b) click Remove Access for Verbit on the Google security settings page for your Google account.

If you have any questions or complaints about our privacy policies with respect to Verbit’s YouTube features, please contact us at any time using one of the options listed on our Contact Us page.