Verbit Releases New Live Court Reporting Solution

By: Danielle Chazen

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Verbit releases new Live Deposition solution to help with real-time court reporting 

Verbit’s leadership are excited to announce the release of our Live Deposition, a solution for real-time digital court reporting. Verbit’s new live transcription tool for depositions and legal proceedings is designed to meet the needs of today’s court reporting market, which is experiencing delays due to the shortage of personnel available to service proceedings.

Verbit’s Live Deposition tool will help legal businesses take on more work by allowing digital court reporters to show a real-time transcript, generating immediate rough drafts and delivering final transcripts within 24 hours.

This real-time tool will provide attorneys, legal agencies and court reporters with improved tracking and visibility, readbacks and playbacks during proceedings, research during breaks, 3rd party streaming options and the functionality needed for intimidation tactics when necessary.

“The reality is that so many depositions are happening remotely and digitally. There was a clear opportunity to develop a reliable, real-time transcription technology to fulfill the live needs of operating digitally and close the gap with fewer trained professionals available to service legal proceedings,” said Tom Livne, CEO and Co-Founder of Verbit. “Our Live Deposition solution fulfills this dire market need by utilizing smart AI and a team of professional transcribers to remove manual labor and deliver our customers transcripts they can trust for top accuracy.”
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How Live Deposition meets today’s needs

Verbit’s Live Deposition solution offers professionals with an ability to take on work that they’d have to turn away otherwise due to bandwidth issues and scale their businesses as a result. This capability is due to Verbit’s ability to deliver quick turnaround times to its customers, including rough drafts one hour after a proceeding ends and 24-hour turnaround on final proofed and accurate transcripts.

Live Deposition also provides legal agencies and court reporters with real-time transcripts enabling read backs with timestamps, interactive audio search capabilities, an offline interactive player, as well as legal annotation and speaker diarization. There’s also the ability for attorneys to add private comments throughout the transcript and to export them as templates for proper transcript formatting. Customers also receive dedicated support with guidance from subject matter experts, as well as SOC 2 and GDPR compliance.

How does Verbit’s Live Deposition tool work?

Live Deposition by Verbit works live within web conferencing platforms like Zoom, which are being used for live depositions and legal proceedings due to social distancing measures and convenience. A real-time transcript is generated based on the audio of the proceeding. It’s immediately fact checked in real time by professional human transcribers to guarantee accuracy. A rough draft is produced, which can be helpful during the proceeding itself to be referenced during breaks or help with intimidation tactics one recess has ended. A final proofed transcript which is fully accurate and admissible is also delivered to users in 24 hours or less.

The real-time process:

infographic of transcription process

Live Deposition by Verbit offers:

  • Real-time deposition functionality with readback and playback
  • Unlimited availability (no personnel shortages)
  • No. 1 solution for research during breaks
  • Innovative audio search-through phonetics
  • Multiple formatting options and guideline customization
  • Rough drafts within one-hour and final transcripts within 24 hours

Legal agencies and court reporting firms who want more information about Verbit’s Live Deposition tool are welcome to contact us.