Verbit Provides Technology for Conference Centered on COVID-19 Treatments

By: Danielle Chazen

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This week, Professor Jeffrey Gray of Johns Hopkins University is hosting a virtual conference with more than 200 scientists to drive further collaboration and synergies as they work to develop possible vaccines and treatments for the new coronavirus. The virtual meeting is designed to bring together the COVID-19 related research being conducted at more than 75 Rosetta Commons labs.

The speakers participating represent institutions from across the globe, ranging from the University of Washington in Seattle to the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

Verbit is proud to provide captioning services for this critical event, creating an accessible environment for all leaders to effectively engage remotely.

Verbit is highly dedicated to this cause and helping to facilitate a forum for these world renowned researchers to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. As such, Verbit is providing its services, including live captions and full transcripts of the sessions, pro-bono. These tools work directly within the Zoom application to appear on any audio or video shown throughout the virtual conference.

These Artificial Intelligence based tools are designed to help individuals attending who may be hard of hearing, as well as help those communicating in languages that are not native to them. Verbit’s captions also assist viewers who cannot play the audio of the full conference outloud.

With the world in dire need of technologies to address the public health crisis, this event serves as an opportunity to accelerate medical research and provide an opportunity for continued synergies and collaboration. The virtual conference therefore provides a forum for the scientist community to fight COVID-19 together.

The meeting’s goals include sharing COVID-19-related Rosetta research across Commons labs, refining early-concepts, broadening ideas and approaches and sharing key methods, both experimental and computational.

Professor Gray and the Rosetta Commons leaders hope to align research teams on similar projects as needed, identify where specific individuals can help in ongoing efforts and identify groups for ongoing collaborations and fundraising proposals.

Verbit is committed to providing the Rosetta Commons viewers with the technology tools needed to seamlessly fuel these two days of global dialogue to help end the COVID-19 crisis with an effective therapy.