Verbit Announces Live Captioning Partnership with Mux Video

By: Verbit Editorial

As a video accessibility provider, Verbit is committed to keeping up with the most recent trends in online media, especially as the live streaming industry continues to grow rapidly. Verbit is therefore proud to announce its new partnership with developer video platform, Mux.

“Mux is democratizing video by solving the hard problems developers face when building video. Verbit is helping to make captions a table stakes element in all live streams,” said Stephanie Tsai, Product Manager, Live Video at Mux.

The partnership is offering incredible live captioning tools and support for Mux’s live video customers. With the solution, users can add captions powered by Verbit to Mux’s high-quality live video streams for viewers on every device, ensuring increased engagement, accessibility and effectiveness.

Why It Matters

In addition to providing greater flexibility, Verbit’s live captioning is also helping revolutionize the viewing experience for Mux’s diverse audience base, including a significant community of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Not only does the live captioning provide accessibility – it’s also helping viewers engage, even when tuning in from a noisy or distracting environment.

“Accessibility is a critical component of the user experience that is top of mind for many of our customers,” said Tsai. “Captions improve accessibility, help organizations comply with regulations, and allow viewers to enjoy video even in sound-sensitive environments.”

Mux’s Impact

Mux provides developers with effective tools to build their live and on-demand video experiences. Their live streaming services use the RTMP protocol that is supported by Verbit and many other open source and broadcast applications. The services on Mux’s platform reduce the complexity associated with building video and help teams reduce their overhead, bring video experiences to market faster, and offer better user experiences when planning their online events.

With Mux, developers can customize their ideal video and live streaming experience with tools that offer support for all steps in the process. From setting up and testing video assets to processing and streaming, Mux provides a valuable partnership to its customers, along with all of the tools needed to make online events successful.

Live Captioning: How It Works

Mux users can now connect Verbit’s live solution to their live streams and offer closed captions for their event as it happens. They can set up live captioning by first connecting Verbit’s RTMP to integrate into Mux’s RTMP server, in just a few steps. Once the event starts, Verbit receives the audio, produces the captions in real-time and then pushes them back to the live stream so that they appear in real-time.

Another useful feature of Mux’s live solutions is its “Live Stream Input Health” dashboard. This solution allows users to monitor the health of their live stream on the dashboard in real-time, including tracking options for the event API, encoders and the live captioning provided by Verbit. After the event, the captions will be available for download in a WebVTT format.

Make an Impact with Livestream Captioning

Verbit is helping organizations like Mux create a greater live streaming impact with accessibility and technology solutions that drive engagement and inclusion.

“We’re proud to partner with Verbit to make live captions an easy addition to live streams with a technology-first approach that disrupts a traditionally manual and expensive process,” said Tsai.

Reach out to Verbit to learn more about other useful video accessibility solutions like live captioning, real-time transcription and audio description that are helping video streaming platforms, organizations and event organizers ensure greater access and engagement online.