Has your school reinstated its courses online due to the COVID-19 pandemic? The answer is likely yes, but just because a class is now available online, doesn’t mean it’s been implemented effectively. We’ve been receiving a lot of questions surrounding recommended video platforms to use, as well as online learning techniques and best practices to adopt.

Verbit is therefore hosting a dedicated virtual session on this topic, Ask The Expert: Moving Schools Online. Scott Ready, an accessibility evangelist and Verbit’s Senior Customer Success Manager will lead the 30-minute discussion on Tuesday, April 7th at noon EST.

Viewers will receive the key guidance that’s needed right now to help hundreds of schools smoothly make the transition to remote learning and accommodate the different needs of all students.

Ready has proven experience working with educators and institutions to ensure their courses are being delivered online effectively. Attendees will leave this webinar armed with actionable insights they can implement immediately. They’ll also have the opportunity to receive answers to their pressing questions live.

We’ll also answer common questions we’ve been receiving, including:

  • How can I coach offline professors for the online environment?
  • What technology and platforms do you recommend most in this transition?
  • Will COVID-19 have a long-term impact on education?
  • How can I continue to keep students engaged as they now learn remotely?
  • How can I make course materials accessible to fit all students’ needs?
  • What are metrics of success to consider for online learning?

This webinar will offers viewers the option to select between live captions and a live transcript to appear within the Zoom platform, where we’ll be hosting the webinar. These features will ensure all attendees can access the materials and engage with them effectively.

Click here to learn more about the event and RSVP to join us.