The New Norm: Data and Tools To Fuel Effective Virtual Learning

By: Danielle Chazen

The pivot from in-person classes to virtual learning at colleges and universities around the world has been an eye-opening experience. Instructors are quickly realizing the power of video to deliver engaging, personalized learning, while students are settling into video lectures and collaborative conferencing calls. It may be easy to overlook one important aspect – accessibility – during the rush.

As universities prepare for a ‘new normal’ that includes this essential mix of flipped lectures and real-time discussions, ensuring course content is easily available to all students has never been more critical.

Verbit is partnering with Mediasite for a webinar on May 19th to address this topic during the week of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Viewers will learn how to give students the best experience by creating impactful, data-rich and searchable study tools to personalize the learning experiences of all students.

Scott Ready of Verbit and Rob Lipps of Mediasite will engage in an active discussion on:

  • How the tech you choose can positively (or negatively) affect your course’s accessibility
  • How student data from video platforms improves learning and what technology tools can enhance the process
  • Actionable tips to make sure instructors’ virtual classes are optimized for success even before the lecture is recorded

They’ll then take answers to live viewer questions over Twitter using the hashtag #virtuallearning4all at 10am CT.

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