13 Jan 2021 Danielle Chazen
3min read

Next Week’s Live Event: Ask The Expert on 2021 Expectations

2020 may be behind us, but the challenges facing today’s district leaders, educators, students and parents persist. In 2021, the expectation to provide effective education is only higher with months of hybrid and online learning under the belts of school leaders.

Join us next week on January 28th at 11am EST for Ask The Expert: 2021 Expectations, a live webinar to explore education in the new year with three of our leading experts in higher education, K-12, equity and inclusion. Verbit’s top education experts, Dr. Misty Cobb, Scott Ready and Bethany Stoltz, will address your pressing questions, and those of your peers, live.

They’re working hand-in-hand with disability leaders, instructional designers and administrators at universities and K-12 institutions across the US, as well as the UK and Australia, to address the new world of education and the needs of today’s students. They’ll share insights, findings, success metrics and more to help meet the needs of today’s students in real-time.

The event is open for all K-12 and higher education stakeholders who may benefit. Sign up here to join us >>

Attendees will have the opportunity to pre-submit their questions when registering or ask them live to our experts on the spot. From AI technologies that can help you to how to proactively meet the needs of students as they study online during COVID-19 and beyond it, they’re armed with key insights to assist you in your 2021 journey.

Don’t miss the chance to hear from:
Dr. Misty Cobb, EdD, MBA

Transformational education & technology expert

Cobb is a trusted education and technology leader in K-12 and higher education. Cobb works with K-12 and higher education leaders on best practices for using technology to provide accessible and equitable learning opportunities for all students. Previously she served as a business education teacher in Alabama, where her program earned recognition as a Top 10 program in the state. While working in K-12 public education, Cobb had the opportunity to support the district as a technology coordinator and member of the School Improvement Team. Cobb earned her Doctor of Education from the University of Alabama where her research centered on transformational learning in faculty professional development.

Scott Ready

Accessibility Evangelist and Senior Customer Success Manager, Verbit

Ready has served the education industry for 20+ years and worked for 35+ years in accessibility. Ready studied at Columbia International University and the University of Central Missouri. Ready’s first language is American Sign Language, and he has been part of the deaf community through his parents, who are both deaf, since birth. His parents were teachers at the Missouri School for the Deaf. Ready is an expert in accessibility, inclusion and captioning efforts.

Bethany Stoltz

Customer Success Manager, Verbit

Stoltz is a K-12 and higher education influencer, working with educational institutions to help them bring their accessibility plans to life. In addition to serving as a former 6th grade math teacher in the state of Florida, Stoltz has significant experience working with district and school leaders in curriculum implementation across urban, rural and suburban environments. Bethany supported some of the nation’s largest districts in their shift to student-centered school environments through leader and teacher professional development and strategic planning.