10 Jun 2021 Sarah Roberts
3min read

Live Workshop on Digital Court Reporting Solutions

Depositions provide crucial information for attorneys. The parties involved in depositions rely on court reporters to provide accurate transcripts to inform future decisions.

To explore the different ways this important transcription work is being tackled currently, Verbit will be hosting a live Court Reporting Workshop. The workshop, which will be held on June 16th at 12pm EST, will explore ways that innovative technology is changing the ways that court reporters memorialize the spoken word.

More court reporters are considering how and when it may make sense to lean on Artificial Intelligence-based tools when they encounter personnel shortages and backlogs of work. These AI-based tools are helping them to create accurate, real-time transcripts. When incorporating digital solutions into their businesses, PwC reported that court reporting agencies can reduce their baseline costs by 53 percent. Digital tools can therefore help smaller CRAs grow and compete with larger national firms.

Attend this Important Live Workshop

Verbit’s Live Workshop: Digital Court Reporting offers a live opportunity to test drive new legal transcription technology. Attendees will participate in one of five interactive, small-group demonstrations, each led by an expert who is well versed in digital tools and transcription needs.

Participants will be given an opportunity to receive insights on industry changes, ask questions and learn how to integrate digital tools like Verbit’s into their court reporting practices.

They’ll be able to experience how AI-based transcription works to deliver reliable accuracy by witnessing the transcription being generated in real-time. Attendees will see the functionality firsthand and how transcriptionists review the AI’s work and make edits to the transcript for full accuracy.

A few spots remain for the event and for the opportunity to experience Verbit’s unique capabilities, including live read-back and playbacks, speaker recognition and searchable audio.

Why Learn About Live Transcription Tools?

Reading about new technology is entirely different from seeing it in action. Verbit conducted extensive research with Strategy& of PwC to understand the importance of integrating digital tools into court reporting.

PwC found that lawyers will also continue to hold around 50 percent of their depositions remotely even after COVID-19. CRAs that learn to use this technology will profit when utilizing digital tools and their functionalities to account for the increasing number of virtual depositions.

Verbit also created its technology for the legal community and its specific needs. Workshop attendees will learn about what to look for when selecting digital tools to ensure compliance with important privacy laws and industry standards, for example.

Although “Artificial Intelligence” still has a futuristic ring to it, the truth is, attorneys, courts and others are already relying on trained digital court reporters to provide reliable transcription services.

For professionals looking to thrive in a market increasingly dependent on technology, learning to use digital solutions is vital.

Save one of the last remaining spots to join the workshop on June 16 at 12pm EST. To also learn more about Verbit’s advanced solution for digital court reporting, click here.