30 Aug 2020 Danielle Chazen
4min read

Leading Panelists Confirmed for Live ‘K-12: Back In Session’ Event

In our conversations with K-12 school leadership, we’ve been hearing that a top challenge K-12 schools are facing is helping to put parents at ease. Many parents don’t feel equipped to help facilitate virtual learning for their children. Working parents are also presented with a bandwidth issue; they need to perform their daily work responsibilities, while also ensuring their kids are learning effectively while virtual.

The majority of K-12 schools are selecting a set number of virtual learning days per week and rotating groups of students for smaller class sizes on the in-person class days. Many schools are also using these remote learning days as “practice” for the subject matter being taught in class the day prior.

Some parents also expect, or are under the assumption that, their children will be engaged in Zoom meetings with their teachers all day. However, the reality is that teachers are still “in class” with the other students who are “rotating in” for their in-class day.

So the question remains: how can schools help parents help their students? With some parents back at work as well, many parents are not at home to help their students. There are also some inequities in technology access for students, even if schools are providing devices for home.

On September 15th, Verbit will be hosting a webinar, K-12: Back In Session to explore the reopening process, common challenges and the start of a school year unlike any other.
The event will feature CEO of Cleveland Metro Schools Eric Gordon, Educational Evangelist Steven Anderson and District Management Group Senior Associate Rachel Klein as speakers. Gordon will speak to how Cleveland’s schools are handling the back to school season, Anderson will explore the digital component of successful online learning and Klein will delve into common challenges seen through the reopening process. RSVP here to join them.

About our speakers:

  • Eric Gordon: Gordon who was appointed CEO of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) in 2011 is responsible for the leadership and daily management of Cleveland’s 37,000-student school district. Now in his ninth year as CEO, Gordon is the longest serving superintendent of the Cleveland Public Schools in over 40 years. Gordon, together with Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson and other leaders, successfully lobbied to pass The Cleveland Plan, a revolutionary package of education reform legislation. It has received national attention for its bipartisan support and collaborative process that united Cleveland around a collective mission to transform its public school system.
  • Steven Anderson: Anderson is a leader in the convergence of digital learning and leadership. As a former teacher and Director of Instructional Technology he has expertise in educational technology integration, using social media for learning, technology implementation efficacy and creating meaningful School:Home Relationships. As @web20classroom he travels the globe talking to schools, districts and leaders about how they can be powerful change agents in education transformation. He is an accomplished book author and has been named Twitterer of the Year, a Top 50 Educational Influencer, an Educational Innovator and a Microsoft Hero of Education.
  • Rachel Klein: Klein serves as a trusted consultant for the K-12 community on behalf of the District Management Group. Klein works with district leaders and American public school leaders on best practices for management, tools and support to help schools and students thrive. She previously served as an Expansion Manager for the Division of Early Childhood Education for the NYC Department of Education. Klein has a Master of Education Policy and Management from Harvard University Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Attendees will gain insights on in-person, online and hybrid teaching approaches being implemented this fall. School leadership, educators and parents can all benefit from this session. We’ll focus on digital instruction, facilitating student engagement, as well as how to support the mental health of students and those with disability needs during this challenging time. The event will be moderated by Dr. Misty Cobb, EdD, MBA, a transformational education and technology expert who is a trusted leader in K-12 and higher education.

Our panelists will explore questions like:

  • Do you expect there to be a more permanent shift in class sizes so that students have greater interaction with teachers due to gains seen from more one:one engagement?
  • What tips do you have for schools to help students who lack maturity/discipline to self-monitor and progress at home on remote learning days?
  • Do you envision there to be a new emergence of curriculum or guidance on how to prepare (for students and parents) for virtual learning?

RSVP here to join the event live.