How District Attorneys Benefit from Legal Transcription Technology

By: Sarah Roberts

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District Attorneys rely on transcripts to build their cases. Each prosecution involves significant amounts of evidence and information, and some individual DAs are handling more than 1,000 cases a year. These statistics indicate that many prosecutors are responsible for far more cases than they should be. Given the pressure to work with massive caseloads, professionals must incorporate innovation into their workflow to improve efficiency. Fortunately, the legal community is becoming more accustomed to technological solutions that can save attorneys hundreds of hours a year.

Law enforcement transcription services built for the legal industry’s needs, such as Verbit’s, will streamline the process while supplying reliable, high-quality and accurate transcripts. Here are the three reasons that DAs should consider outsourcing their transcription needs.

1. Searchable Transcripts Save Time

DAs have to review transcriptions of jail phone calls, police interviews, interrogations, body cam audio and more. Those transcripts often contain irrelevant information that attorneys waste valuable time sifting through and reviewing. Now, DAs can access searchable transcripts.

Not only will searching for a term take the attorney to the appropriate part of the text, but it will also link to the corresponding point in an audio or video recording. This feature, which is provided by Verbit’s Artificial Intelligence technology, can save hundreds of hours each year and make research far more targeted and effective. Rather than unnecessarily reviewing hours of files and pages of useless information, lawyers can type in a term and immediately identify the points that they need most.

Additionally, transcribers who serve DAs must contend with industry-specific technical language as well as slang terms. Transcription solutions based on AI can interpret speakers with heavy accents or dialects easily. Verbit’s legal transcription solution takes this one step further by guaranteeing 99%+ accuracy with additional fact-checking conducted by professional human transcribers. The final transcript delivered is produced accurately and configured for optimal data indexing.
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2. Faster Turnaround on Transcripts and Translation

Transcribing and translating audio and video files for evidence is tedious and takes significant manpower. Transcription tools like Verbit’s deliver final transcripts to DAs 3-5x faster than the time it takes to complete transcripts in-house. Additionally, rough drafts are typically ready within an hour, so prosecutors can access vital information without delay.

Outsourcing translation also significantly improves turnaround time, taking just seven days with Verbit versus 15-30 days in-house or otherwise. Given that 67.3 million people living in the US speak a language other than English, many cases involve transcripts of interviews with suspects, victims or witnesses that need to be translated, making this function highly valuable.

Having access to vital information and transcripts sooner can improve DAs’ workflows. In situations where public safety is at risk and time is of the essence, quicker turnaround times can be even more vital.
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3. Transcription That’s More Cost-Effective

DA budgets are tight. Outsourcing transcription work to providers like Verbit isn’t just more time-friendly- it can save DAs approximately 30% on transcription-related costs. By incorporating AI-powered confidential transcription services into a DA’s office, lawyers can access high-tech tools that help them perform their jobs more efficiently while also conserving resources.

Verbit created its transcription offering with the legal community and District Attorneys’ needs in mind. Verbit is also used regularly by digital court reporters who benefit from cost-efficient transcription services for depositions, administrative hearings, and courtroom proceedings. For more information about outsourcing legal transcription for DA offices, contact Verbit.