Three experts explore the impact & limitations of ASR technologies in new whitepaper 

By: Verbit Editorial



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Automatic speech recognition (ASR) technologies are being adopted to enhance everyday scenarios and greatly improve business environments. To explore just how transformational ASR usage has become, we pulled original research from 200 professionals and recruited three technology and speech leaders to provide analysis on the current state of the market. 
Our new whitepaper, featuring Adi Margolin, Director of Product Management, Dr. Irit Opher, VP of Research and David Landsberg, VP of Product, reveals new technologies on the market and the most important factors professionals who are using ASR should be aware of. Plus, it showcases how senior-level professionals in the US, UK and Canada are using ASR and what frustrations they have with existing technologies.  
From event accessibility to expanding audience reach, the use of machine learning or AI technology to transform human speech into readable text is booming. The speech and voice recognition market is currently valued at $13 billion – and there’s little sign of its popularity slowing down anytime soon. That number is projected to more than quadruple by 2030. 
ASR is being used to power everyday situations, fueling everything from voice-to-text capabilities on social media apps, virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, note-taking, and captioning and transcription to make in-person and remote work meetings more actionable.  

Verbit’s team released this new report – “Exploring the Automatic Speech Recognition Era” – to keep the pulse of the ASR technology market and keep our community abreast of the impact, limitations and opportunities that existing ASR technologies present. Our experts in research, speech and acoustics compiled their findings into this easy read to offer guidance to professionals who can benefit.  
The report also explores what led them to create Verbit’s own proprietary, cutting-edge ASR technology, Captivate, to fill existing gaps. Read to discover our team’s thinking on what professionals like you can expect and what you shouldn’t settle on when it comes to the ASR technologies you’re using or considering. 
The report also includes real-world examples of how Captivate™ is succeeding with customers and enabling businesses to leverage their verbal information in new and exciting ways. Feel free to reach out to us after reading to learn more about how our teams are helping customers capture their words accurately and contextually, while making everyday experiences more inclusive for everyone. 

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