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  • How do I choose what job to work on?

    Login to the platform and select jobs displayed on the list by clicking on them.
    You will receive an email notification in case a new job is available. It is highly recommended to login to the platform and choose jobs, and not to wait for email notifications.
  • How long do I have to finish the job?

    Each job will have a different deadline according to the length of the audio/video.

  • How do I submit the work once I am done?

    Simply Select “Send for review” and the work will be submitted.

  • What guidelines should I follow?

    Guidelines can be found here and also in our platform, upon choosing a job.

  • What is inaudible and how do I use it?

    Inaudible is used when unintelligible or inaudible words are spoken.
    It is very important that you use this instead of leaving words out without letting us know.
    However, an inaudible should not be used in place of research of spelling or subject matter.
    Please use the inaudible shortcut (Ctrl+I for windows Cmd+I or for Mac) or the button
    available in the tool bar instead of typing the word ‘inaudible’
  • What are the tools available for me on the platform?

    • Shortcuts – It is worth your time to learn a few basic keyboards shortcuts to transcribe more efficiently. Action such as Play/Pause, Rewind, Highlight, mark as inaudible can be quickly executed using keyboard shortcuts. See our full shortcut list upon login to the platform (link located under the video/audio display)
    • Dictionary – Ctrl+D for windows Cmd+D or for Mac. Autocomplete to job related words – can be useful for tough to spell words.
    • Research Tool – Ctrl+R for windows Cmd+R or for Mac. This tool will display information and data relevant to the searched word or term. It will enable you to view the context of the word and increase your confidence in the transcription.
    • Speed & Highlight – Enables you to control the speed (increase and decrease) of the file. In addition, you can highlight words or section and add a comment for self-use or to inform others.
  • Do I insert time stamp as a transcriber?

    No, as a transcriber you do not insert time stamp.

  • How does monitor and ensure the quality of my work?

    To ensure and maintain high quality and accuracy, is constantly reviewing your jobs. As a transcriber, your jobs will be graded by reviewers, and feedback will be provided. In case low scores are given by reviewers, will have to reassign the job and consider payment. Reviewers are also being monitored and can be demoted due to poor quality of review.
    Positive feedback will be given and rewarded as well.

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