Connections Sparked at Kaltura Connect

By: Danielle Chazen
Kaltura Connect

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From Mayo Clinic’s use of video to connect with its patients to Mark Sunday’s advice on adopting live video technologies, last week’s Kaltura Connect conference engaged 500 attendees around the importance, growth and evolution of video.

Verbit served as an event sponsor and sent some of its leaders to New Orleans to connect live with customers experiencing the benefits that Verbit provides to Kaltura’s migrated and new REACH customers.

“It was exciting to have attendees come to our booth and speak about their experiences utilizing Verbit and REACH 2.0, including the significant time it’s saved them,” said Hilla Sherman, Transcription Strategist and Sales Development at Verbit.

Additional aspects of the Verbit platform that seemed to resonate with attendees were the platform’s scheduling and cancellation tools, Sherman said.

“People found those capabilities to be revolutionary and helpful, since there’s nothing else out there that works remotely and seamlessly. They also appreciate the hybrid model of AI meets human editors for further reassurance of accuracy.”

Verbit executives also engaged with some new faces and provided them with a demo of our live CART service, which is fueling live participation of its users in various settings, including students in the classroom. Verbit was able to showcase the power of its automatic-speech-recognition (ASR) technology live and demonstrate its performance in a not ideal, noisy conference setting, where the accuracy of the transcript provided was still very high.

“Customers are amazed by the accuracy improvement in Verbit ASR (machine only) versus Kaltura’s previous supplier,” said Eyal Rosenthal, Head of Partnerships at Verbit. “Several told us that they saw 99% accuracy on files with good audio, and were shocked by how well Verbit performed with science and psychology-related terminology without a dictionary or glossary.”

event room with a lot of people listening to a speaker

The results of the landmark case of the National Association of the Deaf vs. Harvard also appeared to be top of mind to those in attendance, as many university leaders are familiar with the case details and are looking to do more captioning as a result. Many attendees noted that their respective schools are still within a ‘reactive’ stage however, only providing captions and transcriptions after receiving requests from students via the disability department.

“Schools are really embracing post-production captions via REACH 2.0, but live CART is the next phase for schools to up their game,” said Greenville Gooder, VP Sales, North America, Verbit. “There was a lot of CART interest.”

Sherman said she also picked up on a trend toward making materials more accessible and seeing the value of captions on video for all viewers.

“It’s clear that providing accessibility to all students and employees, not necessarily just those who are hard of hearing is now on the map and minds of the attendees I spoke with.”

Verbit’s representatives also saw a lot of interest in live from the education and enterprise industries for webcasting. Enterprise leaders seem to be very interested in a tool to service their meetings and town halls, Rosenthal said.

“At Kaltura we met a variety of individuals from companies such as Citibank, Mayo Clinic, Saba Software, Virtuvent Inc., ABN AMRO Bank and others who maybe hadn’t thought about our live and post-production uses before,” Sherman said.

Overall, Verbit’s representatives received great insights on our platform, including from executives at Kaltura and its Senior Director of Sales Education, Darren Stahl who was “blown away by the live demonstration.”

Verbit’s leadership enjoyed the opportunity to hear firsthand from Kaltura Connect attendees on how Verbit’s offerings are helping to drive the accessibility market as a whole.

“It was great to have an opportunity to share a live CART demo, witness people’s reactions, and personally assure them that not only is the technology highly accurate now, but it will only keep getting better,” Sherman said.