In a Nutshell

vTestify is a virtual-based deposition capture platform. vTestify partners with Verbit’s transcript platform to enable digital reporters, court reporters and stenographers to separate the capture of a legal proceeding from the production of the transcript.This ability to unbundle this workflow allows legal professionals to service more depositions and scale their businesses. The partnership offsets delays in the court system due to the shortage of available stenographers and lowers the costs of capturing litigation events.

The Challenges

With 20% of the available stenographic-based workforce retiring within the last five years, vTestify sought to offer court reporters and agencies with full-service depositions for litigation events - both remote-based and direct-to-cloud capture. vTestify was utilizing a transcription service with no legal specialization and an editor system that was “inferior to Verbit’s.” They wanted a more intuitive user interface that allowed for seamless editing and collaboration to produce certified legal transcripts.

To improve inefficient formatting and editing processes, including QA and colloquy

Technology trained to specialize in legal terminology and requirements

The ability to submit notes prior

A partner it could trust to provide accurate, admissible transcripts to clients

A low-cost alternative to assist in cases with long depositions, such as family law

Alex Hewitt

Director of Operations, vTestify

“A certified legal transcript has to be top-notch. It has to be as close to perfect as possible because one word transcribed incorrectly could have huge consequences for a legal case… [Our clients] have been nothing but satisfied with the quality of the transcript…I think within the margin of error, our transcripts [from Verbit] are equal to stenographic based ones.”

The Solution

A True Partnership
Working together to evolve with industry needs

Improved Efficiencies
Removing manual processes

Key Differentiation
An in-house transcription process providing specialization in legal

High Confidence Level
A winning model that continues to improve

The Results

A True Partnership

“What I really love about the relationship that we’ve built is that you’re always listening… [Youask] how can we make this better? What’s the next thing that we can do? I can’t even think of all the times that I’ve been asked what are things with the product that could make it better [and] how can we work together.”

Improved Efficiencies

“Up until I started using Verbit, I did not find any online-based transcription service [providing] the option for QA formatting. There are very specific rules around Q&A and colloquy that required us to [do them] by hand, very tediously correcting speaker identifiers, so that has been a tremendous value proposition that’s specified toward legal that Verbit provides.”

Key Differentiation with an In-House Transcription Process

“Verbit was the only company that was willing to go the extra mile of actually having their own scopist in-house…to actually take it to a final transcript and bring it as close as possible to perfect.”

High Confidence Level

“As you guys grow and grow and grow, the model only gets better and better and better. I think that’s a winning model. I think that’s something that if you’re looking at a company that you want to stick with for the long run, that’s a good indicator of success.”

“No one’s really been able to tackle legal quite to the sophistication that Verbit has been able to do, simply because of the way that the technology enables collaboration through the editor system, but also through specialization within legal.”

Alex Hewitt, Director of
Operations, vTestify

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