Video Survey Software Provider


In a Nutshell

Brands are utilizing video survey technology to better understand customers and their needs. A leading video survey software provider needed quick and accurate transcription to assist in their efforts. They turned to Verbit which is saving their team ~2.5 hours a day on formerly manual tasks. Verbit’s transcripts are being used as the source for text analysis of the video survey results. In June, the company embedded Verbit in their platform as the main source for English transcriptions. Brands are now able to get accurate customer insights and act on them quickly with no backlog of transcription work.

The Challenges

The company was encountering backlogs of work and unfinished transcripts. They were utilizing different vendors for the transcription and the Q/A was failing. Employees became transcribers and were spending 2-3 days at a time transcribing manually. Additionally, they were encountering quality issues, such as incorrect brand names in a critical pilot project, which required the involvement of the project management team and others to appease clients. The company needed a more reliable solution that they and their customers could trust to provide accurate transcription within hours. They also needed a tool that could scale to support a large amount of video volume.


Quick and accurate transcription of proceedings


Tools that don't compromise on quality or customer needs


Manual tasks which needed to be reduced


A partner to provide guidance and customized tools

Technical Support Lead

"With our previous provider, I had to spend between 2-5 hours a week managing... I had to identify any quality issues myself. [With Verbit] that’s gone from 2-5 hours a week to 5 minutes. It’s made a massive difference."

The Solution


Top Accuracy
Quality that company stakeholders and brands can trust


Satisfaction & Increased Revenue
Providing quick insights helps sales team increase revenue from existing customers


An API to remove 2.5 hours of daily manual tasks


The Results

Helpful Capabilities & Support

When there are transcript keywords there are far less inaudible tags. From my point of view, things are just running smoothly [with Verbit]. The more languages we can start moving over to you, the better because it’s so much easier on support.

Increased Production Efficiency

We used to have backlogs of about 1,000 unfinished transcripts, so I’d have to spend two days being a transcriber. We used to have to transcribe and sit there transcribing 2-3 days at a time to make sure we had the work, so that’s how core [transcription] is to us. This solution [by Verbit] has taken it all off my hands.

Top Quality Transcripts

Quality issues [prior to using Verbit] affected everybody because customers would notice, and customer success, sales, operations [would need to be involved], so when there were issues they were big issues, such as when brand names weren’t correct throughout a pilot project [where quality needed to be on point] and the SLAs. This is important for brand names, and brand names and concept names are our bread and butter.

A Trusted Partner

“Everything has been very honest from day one and very open, so not having some functionality in place, but looking into it with dev team or even talking about pricing, it was all very open. There were no hidden agendas. It’s unusual, especially because I’ve been through it with so many different suppliers running tests. This has been a refreshing experience.”

“The more languages that I can handover to [Verbit] the better. It’s just so much less work. Even languages that we’re sending to other providers now are taking a lot of work, with SLAs and with quality, and I don’t have that now with Spanish and English. I am confident that [with Verbit] they’ll be fine. I don’t even need to look anymore really, which I do to keep track, but I’m not having to spend hours.”
– Technical Support Lead