In a Nutshell

StoryCloud was one of the first to offer remote, cloud-based deposition services. StoryCloud now partners with Verbit to quickly generate accurate transcripts due to the increased demand for remote depositions and dispute resolutions. Together, StoryCloud and Verbit are meeting the moment and supporting the insurance industry’s needs with a reliable, scalable digital solution for HIPAA-compliant legal transcription.

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The Challenge

StoryCloud focuses on the insurance space where “tens of thousands of depositions are required, done or performed every single month,” according to its CEO Ken Kalb. Due to the high volume of cases these insurance companies were encountering, StoryCloud needed to offer them a seamless, cost-effective solution that could scale to avoid case backlogs.

Ken Kalb

CEO, StoryCloud

“Insurance carriers, they're very interested in settling cases, and in order to settle a case, they need to do a deposition and a transcript, but they're interested in doing it as quickly and economically as possible… We do that with Verbit as an engine to supply a quick, low-cost transcript that's ideally suited for the insurance industry.”

The Solution

HIPAA compliance and SOC 2 certification to protect clients’ information

Increased operational efficiency for insurance carriers

Rapid turnaround times to keep cases moving and prevent backlogs

The Results

Trusted tools to power remote depositions

“[With Verbit] we have services that include digital reporters, technical support monitors, providing exhibit handling, all of the functionality that goes into actually performing a legal deposition.”

A growing partnership

Kalb plans to increase “use of Verbit by an order of magnitude over the next 6 to 12 months,” viewing it as a trusted partner to support its rapid growth and caseload over the last 2 years.

On-demand, consistent support

“The same way that you go to Amazon or Google or Netflix and you anticipate that the service will always be on… that is exactly what StoryCloud is delivering to the marketplace.”

We found Verbit quite early in the process, and Verbit had a great engine. The Verbit team, they were most sanguine about understanding the requirements of the marketplace, including providing additional human editorial support.

– Ken Kalb, CEO of StoryCloud

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