London Business School


In a Nutshell

London Business School began using Verbit to professionalize its fully online synchronous elect education courses by offering transcripts and closed captions to learners. Now, Verbit has found its way around the school and is being used for the captioning of marketing videos for the website, by the executive education team for Zoom courses and recordings and on all of LBS’s tech education internally designed online courses.

The Challenges

With students spending £90,000 on programs, LBS needed a solution to deliver fully professional video products with captioning. However, the LBS team found itself managing the production of 40+ videos at a time and transcribing them manually. Additional stakeholders, such the LBS marketing and executive education teams, wanted to make sure promotional videos and interviews with prominent CEOs were accurately captioned and accessible. The school needed a more reliable alternative to free tools that could handle large volumes of video.


A time-consuming, manual transcription process


An inability to rely on the accuracy of free, automatic tools


A need to prepare for the shift toward accessible, inclusive courses


An increase in use cases and video volume for captioning

Sushil Pallen

Learning Innovation Manager, London Business School

“Verbit’s one of those platforms, because it does what it does so well, it just sells itself around school. Everyone likes to use it because it's so quick… Verbit was just a simple win.”

The Solution


Guaranteed accuracy
Fully reliable captioning and transcription over free tools


Professional product needs
Offering LBS with tools for fully online and professional video products


Automated process
Removing manual efforts with quick transcription of high-volumes of video


The Results

Reliable accuracy over free services

“If you’re selling a product which is 60 percent video content, then you need to make sure that all parts of it are really accurate. Others were saying [free services] are good enough, but I can just say to them, “No, this is going to be nine times more accurate, it’s not going to make you look silly.’”

Automation to eliminate manual work

“I found Verbit, and it just seemed such a good fit because I was literally just about to send 40 videos manually to somebody to download, and watch, and transcribe, and the process just felt so painful. Verbit was just a simple win.”

Marketing videos and additional use cases

“Our internal AV team found it really useful for making sure that closed captions and transcripts for marketing videos were professionally done and that we didn’t misuse free things like YouTube closed captions. They’ve started using it for marketing videos which go on our website and other channels like YouTube as well. They quickly saw the benefits of using Verbit than using free things.”

Meeting accessibility trends and expectations

“I think within a year, LBS will have a clear policy to say any video at all in any shape of fashion should include closed captions to their transcript… One of the reasons why I always say we need Verbit as part of our arsenal – so once that trend turbo charges, we’re ready to meet it.”

“We do lots of business interviews, so CEOs from around the world… If the transcripts are inaccurate or the closed caption is inaccurate, it’s very embarrassing for the faculty member and for us as well, so using Verbit gives us the confidence to say to faculty, ‘This is accurate.’”
Sushil Pallen, Learning Innovation Manager, London Business School

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