Groundwork Ohio


In a Nutshell

Groundwork Ohio utilizes Verbit to work efficiently and provide accessible content to its community. Verbit’s transcription helps to make information captured in meetings and interviews readily available and searchable for future use, while Verbit’s captioning is being implemented live and for recorded videos to make them accessible to diverse audiences.

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The Challenge

In light of the pandemic and its programming being offered virtually, Groundwork Ohio needed to ensure individuals participating remotely could access live events and meetings. Leaders knew that video captions were a necessity to include people with disabilities, among others. Additionally, the organization needed accurate transcripts to regularly reference information and quotes shared by high-profile policymakers, including Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

Suzanne Delahanty

M.Ed; M.Psy, Alternative Media & Assistive Technology Specialist, Crafton Hills College

“Verbit’s solution takes me about 1/10th to 1/20th of the time as the other captioning products that we used.”

The Solution


Searchable records of important interviews and meetings


Fully accurate transcripts


Captioning for accessible live and recorded events


Live captioning that integrates with Zoom and other platforms


The Results

Assisting with Efficient Research Efforts

With Verbit, Gutierrez says Groundwork Ohio has “recording and transcript options so that our partners could return to the transcript versus spending time really listening to our long interviews. We could go back and scan and pull for quotes.”

Managing Internal Responsibilities More Effectively

Verbit offers a “great staff management tool” for Groundwork Ohio’s junior staff members and leaders who reference transcripts for future use, training and leadership development.

Preserving Records of Important Conversations

When interviewing families, the transcript serves as a record of the conversation and is “one more way you’re ensuring we won’t waste [a families’] time.”

Referencing Content Quickly

“Transcription accuracy is important from an efficiency standpoint…because if you don’t want to relisten to an hour of programming or our 90-minute sessions with families, then it’s important to have the print version stand alone.”

“[Captioning is] a statement of values and commitment around equity… In one specific instance [Verbit’s captioning] was the determination of whether a family could share their story.”
– Lynanne Gutierrez, Assistant Director and Legal Counsel, Groundwork Ohio

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