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In a Nutshell

As an education-focused organization, Udacity’s top priority is student success. Since their online lessons are heavily video-based, captions and transcriptions are integral to supporting and enhancing the learning process. Last year, Udacity set out to find a transcription and captioning provider to support this goal.

The Requirements

Udacity is focused on providing high quality online learning experiences to ensure success for all students. The requirements for a transcription and captioning provider came down to three key areas:
precision, speed, and scalability.



Udacity’s primary concern was with transcription and caption accuracy. Udacity required an impeccable standard to support a cross-section of student, including those who prefer to learn by reading, those who are non-native English speakers, and students with disabilities, particularly those with hearing impairments.



Udacity’s secondary concern was speedy service. This was critical because of the high number of videos created that require transcription and captioning.



Udacity serves millions of students and has high standards for quality at scale. They were looking to minimize the incremental cost of video transcription, while simultaneously increasing quality, in order to serve students globally.

Jason O'Mahony

Video Producer, Udacity

“We were really looking to find that optimum trifecta of speed, accuracy, and cost. Verbit delivered on all three! The Verbit team made sure the transition to their platform was completely smooth. All around, it’s been a huge success for us and we’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration.”

The Solution


Boosted Turnaround

Verbit delivered completed transcriptions in one to two business days


Greater Accuracy

Verbit was able to easily process technical terms and maintain a consistent level of high quality


Reduced costs

Verbit offered a competitive cost-per-word while delivering better results on speed and quality

“Most importantly, Verbit helped us uphold our core values of putting students first and enabling equitable access to higher learning for all.”

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