University of California, Santa Barbara


In a Nutshell

The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is consistently ranked among the best public colleges in the U.S., earning its distinction as a Public Ivy. The university had been working with a transcription and captioning vendor to provide students with access to their abundant audio and video content. However, manual processes, slow turnaround time and high costs spurred the search for a solution upgrade.

The Challenges

UCSB prioritizes success for all students, regardless of ability or disability, learning style preference, or mastery of the language of instruction. They were looking to find a solution that would enhance academic results, maintain compliance with regulations like the ADA and enable a move towards Universal Design for course content.They needed to eliminate:


Infficient, manual processes


Slow delivery speed


High operating costs

George H. Michaels

Executive Director Instructional Development UCSB

"After considering a number of different solutions, we chose Verbit because of the superior accuracy, turnaround time and cost they offered. It’s been a definite game-changer for us."

The Solution


Intuitive Interface

Total visibility into the transcription and captioning process


Greater Efficiency

Customized integration with the Panopto video streaming platform


Accelerated Speed

Automating the majority of the process reduced turnaround time


Higher Accuracy

Technology is pre-trained with specific terms related to the course material


Reduced Costs

Less money spent without compromising on speed or quality


The Results

Faster Turnaround Time

Automating the majority of the transcription and captioning process ensured speedy service.

“We usually receive our completed files from Verbit in less than 24 hours, which is critical for our students who rely on these materials to succeed in their classes.”

Near-Perfect Accuracy

Combination of automated speech recognition technology and top human transcribers delivered unparalleled quality.

“Verbit consistently maintained a high level of precision, even for files that contained complex subject matter or heavily accented speakers.”

Streamlined Workflow

Seamless integration with UCSB’s video streaming partner Panopto ensured a smooth overall process.

“The solution allows us to upload or download files in a single step, meaning we don’t need to devote excessive time or resources towards managing the captioning process.”

Lower Price

More automation and a competitive cost structure allowed UCSB to lower their total cost of operation for transcription and captioning services.

“We get the accuracy and turnaround time we need, without extending our budget or compromising on our requirements. It’s a win-win.”

“Verbit made sure that the switch to their solution was completely painless. Their customer service team was with us every step of the way and made sure we were maximizing the use of the platform. We’re now better-equipped to fully support all of our students to achieve academic success, which is our number one priority at UCSB.”

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