Chicago-based court reporting firm

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In a Nutshell

A court reporting firm has been contracted for transcription work with the City of Chicago for two years. It handles state agency hearings for the Illinois Commerce Commission and fact-finding interviews for the Civilian Police Accountability Board. The firm has been doing digital reporting since 2019 due to personnel shortages for legal proceedings and costly processes. Now, they’re sending almost all of their digital reporters’ work to Verbit and receiving reliable transcripts within 3-4 days. They’re meeting client expectations and saving time with Verbit’s customization and formatting capabilities that eliminate manual tasks.

The Challenges

The firm was encountering more work than they had court reporters. Their primary focus was supported by stenographic reporters, however, there is a shortage of them in the Chicago market to cover all their work. Their videographer was covering jobs and then having a court reporter transcribe it, but it wasn’t efficient and was expensive for the client. They needed a digital solution to provide their court reporters with some relief, but one that was reliable, accurate and customizable to their unique needs.


Quick and accurate transcription of proceedings


Tools that don't compromise on traditional stenography standards


Manual tasks which needed to be reduced


A partner to provide guidance and customized tools

Vice President & Videographer

"The industry is continuing to struggle with trying to replace the stenographic reporters that are retiring; they're not coming out of school fast enough. Something has to give. I think Verbit does an awesome job with doing the transcription work, so it's a valuable partner to us, and letting us continue to cover the work because the work is still there. It's growing. I mean, I don't see the legal industry slowing down at all.”

The Solution


Reliable alternative
Accurate transcription that accounts for reduced stenographic workforce


Significant reduction of manual tasks to ease the transcription process


Quick turnaround time
Delivery of final transcripts within days to help meet client expectations and timelines


The Results

Significant time saved

By having Verbit do the transcription, we’re saving 2-3 days worth of work per person, and one of our stenographers having to do it.

A partner that delivers

After interviewing and working with several different options, we decided to give Verbit a try and we were really happy with the way everything worked, so we got a contract and we’ve been working with them since then.

Customized template capabilities

We were able to step a template up and [Verbit was] able to handle that without a problem, so it’s all seamless for us. We send them the output. We upload the files and we pick the profile, and the templates are all there.

Meeting all deadlines

“We’re running four day [turnaround time on transcription]. It’s never been late, not once. It’s always been four days or less.”

“We’ve had a contract for transcription work with the City of Chicago for nearly two years, and Verbit’s been helping us with that. It’s been a really smooth process. The transcriptions come back very clean.” – Vice President & Videographer