26 Apr 2018 Verbit Editorial
4min read

5 points to consider when choosing transcription solutions

When trying to figure out the best solution to use for closed captioning and audio/video transcripts, the options are endless. With a wide spectrum of vendors, only a selected few are able to stand out and provide a solution unique from the rest.

Below are 5 points to keep in mind when researching solutions for closed captions and audio/video transcriptions:

1.What are the Possibilities of the Admin Panel?

Without knowing or familiarizing yourself with the account systems of the solution you are considering, it is quite hard to grasp how its admin panel works, what it’s functionalities are and if it works in timely manner. This is especially important in the following in terms of account settings. You would need to know if the vendor provides the requirements you need such as having the ability to have multiple users for yourself and your team. For example, you’d need to know if you can add managers and other users to make sub accounts.

Another element to look for in a transcribing service admin panel is the the ability to make sub accounts.  For example, in education institutions ,different departments may require different profiles across facilities, such as ‘biology’ or ‘physics’,  under a central account.

Lastly, you would also want to look for an admin panel with a great is a good user interface with abundant capabilities . You must decide if the interface is user friendly and suits all of your needs and requirements. Some questions you may want to ask are, is it easy to navigate? Are files easily accessible? Can you easily set transcriptions, downloading, billing, and user settings? Are there help pages?

In regards to Verbit, we provide a complete user admin platform for the customers’ content team to manage content from different channels, modify and monitor jobs while they are being performed and edit jobs, something which is unique to the Verbit’s process and interface.

2.What is the turnaround rate?

Verbit prides itself in having a speedy turnaround time using there three layer process which sets them ahead of competitors. A same day turnaround rate is ideal at any scale, so it is worth finding out what the exact process is that makes transcriptions so fast . When inquiring with Verbit, ask if there is a standard turnaround, selective turnaround, or extended turnaround. These answers will provide you with a clearer idea on what to expect in terms of your projects.

3.What is the Cost of Captioning? 

In this day and age, we’re all trying to save a penny or two, therefore, the cost of transcription services is another important aspect to take into consideration. In general, Verbit prices are very competitive, especially considering the overall short turnover time, possible order sizes, and other relevant expenses. With other companies, rates may sometimes be competitive but in many instances, this is not part of the value proposition so be sure to set a fair realistic budget aside, if you are not using Verbit.

4. What is the Accuracy?

When looking at the cost of captioning and video transcripts, it is a must that you take into consideration the accuracy of content provided. After all, you get what you paid for. Make sure that the vendor provides a commitment to +99% accuracy as part of their SLA (service level agreement) and the ability to “request reviews” at no extra cost in cases where you are unsatisfied with the accuracy of your transcription.
Decide which is more important to you, quality or quantity?

5.What Else Can you Provide?

Take in to account here what else is being offered to you by any given vendor. Ask yourself what provides the best solution on the market. For example, how does Verbit’s artificial intelligence help? Verbit’s answer to that is we leverage AI to increase and expand the terminology that a human can be become aware of and to achieve maximum accuracy with speed at scale.